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Organising outdoor parties is great until you actually start “planning the party.” From the decorations to booking a venue, it’s all a very stressful process.

And what’s worse is that most times, we get caught up in the arrangements that we miss out on all the fun and lose touch of why we’re even celebrating.

With the convenience of outside event catering London, you can now focus on enjoying the occasion while professionals take care of the culinary delights, ensuring a memorable and stress-free experience.

Picking out a suitable menu, preparing exceptional food, serving it, and even the cleanup process can take a toll on you, and it’s not always fun doing it alone.

You get so worried about the idea of the stress of it all that it scares you away.

And if you’re one of those people, you can still throw a party with less worry. How?

Pearl Lemon Catering can assist you with your catering needs.

So whether you are organising a hog roast, dinner party, garden party or afternoon tea, our outside catering service providers are here to bring you exceptional corporate hospitality.

Let’s let you in on a little secret…

Outdoor interactions are the safest experience you can have with the people that matter the most to you.

So if you’re planning to throw an outdoor event in Norwich, Bristol, Winchester, or anywhere in or near London, you can cut off the time you spend looking for reputable catering services in London

Throw a safe yet fun catered outdoor event with us. 

Many individuals are often left out of party celebrations because of the limited menu options. Pearl Lemon Catering does not limit your choices, and one size does not fit all catering alternatives. 

Whatever your demands and however large or small the party you need to be catered for, our catering professionals will work with you to ensure that the food, drinks, and service we deliver are suited to your needs.

Impress your guests with our exceptional catering services.

Give us a call today.

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Why Pearl Lemon Outside Event Catering London

Catering services are everywhere. You can easily outsource them today. However, finding a reputable one can be challenging. As the leading catering company in London, here are some reasons why you should choose us for your next outside catered event.

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Save Time

Our staff will handle all the planning, execution, and administration, leaving you plenty of time to focus on other parts of your event. Taking advantage of our spotless catering packages will allow you to save money and make your event a huge success.

Your food will be served directly by our staff to your guests in a buffet-style meal. It will be ideal for you because you may focus on other essential arrangements and have fun at the event.

Diverse Menu

We will recommend the most satisfactory solution for your guests and event needs. 

Here at Pearl Lemon Catering, we know how guests are likely to have a variety of tastes. That’s why we have menu alternatives that align with our years of experience. We are aware of the most popular foods. It’s also crucial to have tasty vegan options and many other themes.

In addition, we have everything prepared and well-coordinated for any size event. We are in charge of all aspects of meal preparation and cleanup. So be rest assured we take care of your event before, during, and after.

Delicious Food

We genuinely love making tasty dishes.

This is a given! Founders of Pearl Lemon Catering started this business because they love cooking, but our chefs don’t limit themselves to merely making what they know. 

If our customers desire something new or unusual, we look into additional possibilities and broaden our menu. If we’re not confident making the dish you asked for, we don’t just say no; we work with the flavour profile or serve a related dish. In addition, aside from making our food appealing, we make sure that it tastes good.

Professional Setup

Presentation is essential to a successful dining experience, and Pearl Lemon Catering excels at it. We are not only skilled at creating tantalising tastes but eye-catching visual presentations. 

This not only creates an impressive atmosphere when our dishes are being served, but it enhances your event’s overall experience and aesthetic.

We Prioritise Your Safety

We all know that heat is our worst enemy when having an event outside. We will supply you with a list of foods not easily affected by hot weather so that you have various options.

Furthermore, we will provide the best service and cuisine presentation experience possible. We also contact our clients when adjustments are required due to weather. For example, when the weather is extremely hot, we ensure that your food is stored correctly to avoid spoilage.

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Our Catering Services

We offer a wide range of outside catering services to satisfy your guests’ taste buds and make your special event a success.

Afternoon tea

Afternoon Tea Catering

Afternoon tea is the typical British tradition of sitting with friends (or family or coworkers) in the afternoon to have good tea and a selection of finger snacks.

Pearl Lemon Catering’s afternoon tea catering services differ from the standard. While we can undoubtedly give a conventional afternoon tea experience, we can also provide themed alternatives, corporate branded options, and even afternoon tea catering exclusively for children.

Coffee Catering

Fancy beverages have always played an important role at weddings and gatherings, but alcohol no longer excites alot of people. This might make them feel quite left out at weddings, where the celebratory drinks all seem to involve alcohol and the only non-alcoholic options are warm soda or water.

Good thing Pearl Lemon Catering offers a full-service coffee bar with our coffee catering services; everyone can enjoy those fancy party drinks and feel included. For those who dislike coffee, we have a broad selection of excellent teas ranging from traditional British brews to exotic herbal mixtures and even trendy bubble teas.

Office Lunch Catering

Employee satisfaction is now more important than ever. A study shows that simply offering free food to your employees enhances job satisfaction by 67%. It indicates the company’s dedication to creating a positive working environment for its employees.

Pearl Lemon Catering offers office lunch catering in London to office employees. We serve our delicious meals at large staff conferences, client meetings, trade fairs, and exhibition booth visitors. We keep your staff fed and satisfied by providing daily office lunch catering here in London.

Corporate Catering

If you’re a company administrator or an HR representative for a London-based company, you are probably aware of how difficult it can be to organise food for a corporate function.

The good thing is that Pearl Lemon Catering’s innovative and comprehensive corporate catering London services can quickly meet your catering needs.

We offer bespoke, exciting, and affordable corporate catering options for any occasion. From early morning department meetings to small sales lunches and company picnics, our caterers can deliver delicious and attractive food service to wow your guests. 

Aside from the mentioned above, we also offer bubble tea and Matcha. If you’re interested, give us a call.

Variety of catering equipment for hire in London, Plates For Hire London

Make Your Event Spectacular With Pearl Lemon Catering

Just the thought of throwing a fun party with your loved ones is exciting. 

Ensure you throw a smooth event by hiring a professional catering service like Pearl Lemon Catering.

With us, you don’t need to worry about the taste of the food or flop your outside event. We will thoroughly plan, create, and manage any food and beverage service operation you want, using the ideal combination of culinary knowledge, hospitality expertise, and commercial savvy.

Make your event successful and memorable with us.

Book us a call today.


Pearl Lemon Catering’s Outside Event Catering service is suitable for a wide range of outdoor events, including weddings, garden parties, picnics, festivals, corporate retreats, and more, where the event takes place in an outdoor setting.

Outside Event Catering offers the expertise to seamlessly handle logistics in outdoor settings, ensuring proper setup, food safety, and guest satisfaction amidst unique challenges posed by open-air environments.

Pearl Lemon Catering offers a variety of menu options suitable for outdoor events. They work with you to customize the menu according to your preferences, the theme of the event, dietary requirements, and the outdoor setting.

Yes, Pearl Lemon Catering can accommodate a range of dietary restrictions and preferences. When discussing your event details, make sure to inform them about any dietary concerns so they can tailor the menu accordingly.

Pearl Lemon Catering typically provides the necessary equipment, utensils, and serving items needed for outdoor catering setups. This includes items like tables, chairs, linens, and serving stations.

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