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Savour a taste of success with our Corporate Catering in London, where boardroom agendas and lunchtime cravings are equally satisfied. Let our culinary delights take your team’s productivity to new heights!

Personalised Menu

Experience culinary masterpieces and a gastronomic journey tailored to your unique taste preferences and dietary needs.

Expert Baristas

Elevate your coffee and liquer experience with the best local baristas who can craft exquisite creations.

Quality Catering

Get served by professionals who know your dietary preferences, assist you with dining, and much more.

If you work as a company administrator or an HR representative for any London-based business, you almost certainly already know how difficult it can be at times to arrange food for a corporate function.

There’s often a lot of work involved in selecting a good catering company London that will provide high-quality food and beverage choices for your event while staying within the company budget you’ve been given to work with.

You also have to deal with the newer challenges of dietary restrictions and, in the case of events that include clients and/or would be clients, of staging an event that will be memorable and even boost your brand image.

The good news is that Pearl Lemon Catering’s innovative and extensive corporate catering London services can meet all of your catering needs with ease, offering bespoke, exciting and affordable corporate catering options perfect for any occasion, from an early morning department meeting, to a small sales lunch, a catered company picnic to a delicious – and engaging – extra addition to your trade show booth or exhibition presence.

Pearl Lemon Catering is a full service corporate catering London business that offers one of the widest ranges of corporate catering services London you’ll find on offer today. From big client lunches to intimate prospect breakfast meetings, fully catered employee lunches or special event corporate catering for company picnics or seasonal celebrations, exhibitions, conferences and more, Pearl Lemon Catering can handle them all.

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The Benefits of Providing Corporate Catering for Your Employees

Offering corporate catering to your staff may be the extra benefit your business has been looking for. Everyone needs to eat. But at Pearl Lemon Catering, we think that food and drink should be enjoyed rather than just consumed for survival.

People come together over food and make enduring memories together. They talk more, brainstorm better, and have something to look forward to when they come to work. Though you might not be aware of it, offering corporate catering London for your staff can have a lot of other advantages for your business too.

The typical person works at their job for one-third of the day. It’s crucial for employees to genuinely like their job and place of employment, given the amount of time they spend there and the time spent with people they work with. But how do you achieve that as an employer, you might be wondering. Food can frequently provide the solution, and corporate catering London can be the best solution of all.


20 Years

Of Experiences


With the help of corporate catering, staff members can interact, converse, and share ideas. Offering complimentary breakfast or lunch events to your staff members can make a big difference in the workplace environment and employee morale. Even if most of an employee’s time is spent at their desk, having office catered meals will encourage social contact and bring individuals together.

This is especially important right now, when some employees are reluctant to return to the office after a long period working from home due to pandemic restrictions. If your company is struggling to find ways to convince employees – or potential new hires – that the office – and your office specifically – is the place to be, then the lure of not just free food and beverages, but catered meals from an expert corporate catering London firm like Pearl Lemon.

The Benefits of Providing Corporate Catering London for Your Clients and Prospects

One of the most crucial elements in planning a successful corporate event is the catering. Why? Because, for better or worse, everyone remembers the food. Your visitors will enjoy and appreciate the fresh, high-quality food and beverages you serve, so choosing the right corporate caterer is crucial.

Satisfy Cravings and Provide Fuel for The Day With Our Corporate Caterers in London

If you’re organizing your next business event that will include clients and/or prospects, the food and beverage choices you make may make or break it, so you need to be confident that you are making the right choices.

These days, great corporate catering London is often more involved than it once was. Where plates of sandwiches and standard coffee and tea might once have been acceptable, people just expect more now, especially from a company that is hoping to get, or retain, their business.

To stand out from our competitors, and leave a positive impression of your brand after the event, the corporate catering London you offer can no longer be the ‘same old, same old’, it needs to be memorable.

Why Us

Why Choose Pearl Lemon Catering

Unlike many other corporate catering London companies, Pearl Lemon Catering draws on the expertise and resources – as well as the talented staff – of our three wildly successful London cafés – Pearl Lemon Café, Pearl Lemon Boba and How Matcha – as well as the extensive catering experience of the company’s dedicated catering teams. This allows us to not only offer a wide range of catering options, but also catering options that you are not likely to find easily anywhere else. For example, while we can offer traditional sandwich platters and finger food buffet stations, we can also offer any of the following as corporate catering London options for you to choose from.

Coffee Corporate Catering London

We specialize in event coffee because we understand that coffee enthusiasts want much more than just a filter coffee and a dash of milk. Our baristas are among the elite in their profession and create specialized coffees with the same finesse as a world-class chef creates meals.

They don’t, however, exhibit the coffee elitism that occasionally affects our sector, unlike certain coffee gurus. Your guests will be amazed by our coffees, our service, and our welcoming baristas, whether they are coffee experts or have no idea what a single-origin roast is or how to distinguish between a latte and a cappuccino.

We can also provide your employees with corporate catering coffee services that they will come to see as one of the best perks you’ve ever given – or offered – them. From self-serve coffee bars that we will deliver, stock, replenish and take down, to event coffee for meetings that’s far superior to that takeaway boxed stuff to exciting and engaging coffee events we can provide it all.


Afternoon Tea Corporate Caterers London

If you want to experience that traditional British celebration, your best go-to is Pearl Lemon Catering’s Afternoon Tea Catering in London. We can provide a wide range of classic afternoon tea catering options, with all the delectable delicacies, superb teas, and traditional British formality you would expect.

Our quality tea and delish pastries are perfect for conferences, private client meetings, sales meetings, and staff recognition events. It’s just of our many ways to show how thrilled we are to assist businesses in creating occasions that their guests will remember and enjoy.

We can even draw on their experience to brand the event so that it delivers as much for growing a business’s brand, and bottom line, as it does for their guests’ taste buds because our parent company, Pearl Lemon, is a prominent London marketing agency.

Many businesses that provide afternoon tea catering services only provide a small selection of fixed menus and catering options, leaving little room for customisation. But not us– we steer clear of that at all costs.

Our regular services can be customised to each client’s preferences to create a custom afternoon tea experience for them.

Bubble Tea Corporate Catering London

Some businesses just want to offer their employees, clients and prospects something new, fun and exciting when providing food and drink at all kinds of business events, and it does not get more fun and exciting as bubble tea corporate catering London.

Bubble tea is a hugely buzzed about beverage option from South Korea that has taken the world by storm and that we perfected at our Pearl Lemon Boba café location. Offering this fun, very colorful and endlessly customisable beverage catering will delight your guests and, if there was ever a free marketing option that was super simple to take advantage of it’s bubble tea corporate catering, as very few of your guests and employees will be able to resist posting their exciting free bubble tea beverages to all their social accounts.


We Offer Flexibility and Customization That's Second to None

One of the biggest complaints that we hear about corporate catering London is that so many people are left out, because limited menu choices and standard offerings just don’t take into account their dietary needs and possible restrictions or suit their tastes (no, not everyone likes pizza and ham sandwiches.)

At Pearl Lemon Catering, we do not limit our clients to set menus and standard one size does not fit all corporate catering options. Whatever your needs, and however large or small the group you need catered for is, our corporate catering experts will work with you to ensure that the food, beverage and service we provide is catered to your needs exactly.

This will not only lead to happier guests but take a lot of the headaches out of planning corporate catering in the first place, which will make your admin and HR staff a lot happier too.

Our Services

Enjoy Corporate Catering That Will Leave Lasting Impressions

Treat your team or customers to an unforgettable culinary experience with our Corporate Catering services. We guarantee that every dish and beverage is a masterpiece they can savour and be impressed with.

Afternoon Tea Catering

Experience a timeless British tradition with a modern twist and enjoy a delightful array of sweet and savoury treats, perfect for any occasion.

Coffee Catering

Try our newest mobile coffee bar service that will tantalise your taste buds and fuel everyone's day with premium, handcrafted beverages.

Office Lunch Catering

Boost your team's productivity by serving a delicious and healthy selection of dishes that’ll energise your team throughout the day.

Service With (Lots) of Smiles

As a full service corporate catering London business, we can offer self-service, casual service and more formal serving options, according to your needs. But our staff don’t just set up, serve and then take down food and drink – although they certainly do all of that – but their friendly professionalism itself adds to your catered event, something that’s specially important if you will be entertaining clients or prospects.

Testimonials Client

They get the healthy life and give best feedback

I recently hired Pearl Lemon Catering for an event and the cocktails were absolutely amazing. The bartender had developed some unique recipes and with the help of prebatching, the drinks were served to perfection. The level of professionalism and skill was impressive. Overall, it was a great experience and I would definitely recommend this bartender for any future events.

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    General Question

    General frequently asked question based clients

    Yes, you can. We are more than happy to create a customized menu for you or mix-and-match your preferences with our existing menu options. Simply let us know what your exact catering needs are.

    Absolutely! We are a full-service  pearl Lemon event catering company that believes in giving our clients menu options for those with dairy-free, gluten-free, organic, vegetarian, and vegan diets.

    Yes, and we love them! Themed menus for corporate events is becoming really popular. At Handheld Catering, we’re happy to discuss your ideas and plan a menu around them.

    We request our clients to give us as much advance notice as possible. While we can accommodate last minute orders if we are available, orders that are placed earlier enable us to plan better. However, we can provide corporate lunches with as little as 48-hour notice.

    While we are based in London, we are happy to provide our corporate catering services to the Area. Giving us a call or inquiring through our online contact form is the best way to find out if your event is within our service area.

    We will be glad to organize tastings for your event. We advise our clients to book their tastings at least a week in advance to give our Executive Chef sufficient time to get all their menu items. Though we charge $100 per person for tastings, we will deduct the $100 from the final amount if you choose to book with us.

    Our full-service corporate event catering company can customize your package to include tables, chairs, tents, servers, silverware, plates, tablecloths, and even the décor. Be sure to mention these needs up-front.

    With the thousands of clientele we’ve served, it is likely that we have served an event that’s similar to yours. If we have not, we will be happy to take on a new challenge and deliver successfully

    Yes. We can also organize a BBQ for your corporate event. Simply get in touch with us

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