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As adults, we tend to become busy and stressed with our lives, and throwing a party is one good way to reduce that stress. It is proven that throwing a party can make you feel less overwhelmed.

However, when throwing a social event, sometimes it can still stress us, from the overall organisation of the event to the meal preparation. Your guests will most likely recall the food; they probably won’t recall what you said but how you made them feel. So, choosing the right Social Event Catering in London and beverages is crucial.

Hiring a professional catering service can reduce your worries about food preparation.

Suppose you’re planning to throw a catered social event in Cambridge, Oxford, Brighton, or anywhere in or near London. In that case, Pearl Lemon Catering can help you spice up your event by providing exceptional Social Event Catering in London. We are flexible regarding our menu; if you have specific requests, we’ll modify them for you!

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Social Events We Cater To

A social event is any gathering, meeting, or event that causes people to gather in a click, group, crowd, or mass.

Possibilities abound when you keep the definition of a social event in mind! It’s always a good idea to add something fresh and original to a party.

The following is a list of social event suggestions you can try.

Yacht Party

Yacht parties are one of the more upscale styles of social gatherings, but they undoubtedly get attention, especially if they are fully catered. Social Event Catering in London. Set the budget and choose the date for your event first. Are you picturing a breezy summer yacht party or a fanciful ice palace on the water? You can adjust the number of guests and start executing your creative plan.

Give the event a fun theme to encourage attendees to dress differently from their everyday work clothes. If you want to give your guests a next-level party experience, hire expert social event catering in London, like Pearl Lemon Catering. With that, you can be assured that your guests will like the food. For corporate events, consider adding corporate breakfast catering to start the day off right. Next, decide on the music. You can hire a DJ or use a decent dinner party playlist with nautical themes.

You can choose to sail solo or hire a captain for your yacht, depending on the size of your yacht and your sailing prowess. You’ll be ready for your social event catering in London once you’ve planned your trip and stocked up on vintage champagne.

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Masquerade Party

One of the most original ideas for social events is a masquerade party, which is enchanted, mysterious, and enchanting. Choose a theme to kick off the planning and let guests choose their attire (mask included, of course). If you’re looking for Social Event Catering in London, once you’ve chosen a location, you may begin planning the decors.

Consider using candles, feathers, fairy lights, curtains, glitter, and sequins for your Social Event Catering in London. Masquerade balls are an elaborate affair, just as they were when they first started in Venice, Italy, in the 15th century, so attendees will dress to impress.

The decor’s finer points ought to be as lovely, especially for Social Event Catering in London. You should ensure that your bites of food may be ingested while wearing a mask so that they are mask accessible.


Family reunions are now a very popular event in the business. These are typically sizable, informal events. Reunions are a means to reconnect with distant relatives as families become increasingly dispersed across the nation and even the globe. Many families form committees to organise the event, manage the finances, and handle every last detail. For those hosting a family reunion in London, considering business catering London, along with Social Event Catering in London, can provide a convenient and enjoyable dining experience for all attendees.

But more often than not, people in today’s society are just too busy with their work and personal life to take the time to prepare a reunion properly. They are now hiring Social Event Catering in London services. Depending on how involved your family wants the caterer to be in preparing the reunion, they will do so.

Family reunion
Cocktail Party

Cocktail Parties

Cocktail parties are rapidly regaining popularity as a catered social event. One of the reasons is that entertaining a big crowd without having a formal sit-down supper is significantly simpler. The average time for cocktail gatherings is between 5 and 6 o’clock. And only last for two hours. Along with various appetisers, tapas, hors d’oeuvres, and drinks, including cocktails, beer, and wine. Fewer types of hors d’oeuvres trays are passed at cocktail events, and these trays often only contain one or two stationary things. 

A charcuterie platter, a plate filled with sausages, ham, patés, and other prepared meats, is an example of a stationary object. Another example is a large wheel of cheese that needs to be shaved.

Other people will have a cocktail party instead of having dinner, which typically begins later in the evening and includes up to six or seven types of hors d’oeuvre trays and two or three stationary objects. Cocktail parties can be organised as a more formal event at a hired location, such as part of a fundraising gala or even a wedding, or they can be held in your home.

Rites of Passage

Most people pay close attention to several rites of passage that occur in their own lives or their children’s lives. Naturally, these can be stressful and are rife with strong emotions. These occasions are frequently tied to reaching a certain age or stage in life. 

Baptisms, bar and bat mitzvahs, confirmations, Quinceneras, graduations, retirement, and funerals are common rites of passage. These ritualised rituals can be strongly religious or strongly influenced by cultural norms. 

Here at Pearl Lemon Catering, we are flexible with our social event catering services. We can modify the menu accordingly to tailor your religious or cultural requirements.

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Why Hire A Professional Social Event Caterer

Food management is one of the most important choices for any event or special occasion. Be aware that choosing the right caterer for the job can be challenging because there are many factors to consider. How well will the presentation be? Will the cuisine meet your standards or go above and beyond? Given these factors, you will be unsure when choosing the best caterer for your event.

Aside from the delicious cuisine and superb presentation, here are some other advantages you can get when you hire our service.

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Quality of Food

You can ensure that the food delivered will be of the greatest standard by working with Pearl Lemon Catering. Your guests will be impressed by the higher-quality cuisine and will appreciate it. An event’s success or failure may depend on the quality of the food. Your guests won’t appreciate the event if the food is not delicious.


You don’t need the burden of organising and preparing the catering yourself when you already have the stress of planning your event, mailing invitations, and locating the ideal venue. Hiring professional catering services like ours will save you time and stress, relieving your worries regarding the cuisine. Simply agree on the menu and the meal type you like, and we will handle the rest.

Professional Service

The food presentation is an important factor in a full dining experience, and you can count on Pearl Lemon Catering to excel in this area. We’ll ensure that your meal will be given to your visitors in a presentable manner that everybody will enjoy. Additionally, if you hire a caterer like us, you won’t have to bother about clearing up after the event.

The last thing you want to worry about is the massive clean-up that will always follow any occasion or event. After organising a successful social event, you can unwind by letting us handle the clean-up. For businesses looking to improve their operations, consider our restaurant consulting London services to enhance your event planning and execution.

When organising your next event, consider your time, money, and ability to do things on time. You can focus on other planning areas, enjoy the party, and spend quality time with your guests if you leave the food-related components of your event to our experts.

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Food Safety

When you select a skilled and respected catering service like Pearl Lemon Catering, you can be sure that all food safety and hygiene requirements will be met to the greatest standards, protecting your guests. With us, you can be sure that no corners have been made in the food preparation, whether done on or off-site.

Our Catering Services

Here are some of the catering services that we offer for social events.

Green tea catering in London

Afternoon Tea Catering

The best catering choice for luncheons, business meetings, baby showers, bridal showers, and other social events is afternoon tea catering from Pearl Lemon Catering. It is also becoming a common choice for companies, particularly those who wish to stand out when entertaining clients or providing an exclusive benefit to their staff.

At Pearl Lemon Catering, we take pride in knowing just as much about tea as we do about all kinds of coffee. In addition to offering afternoon tea at our Fulham café, we now also provide afternoon tea catering as part of our wide range of off-site catering services.

Coffee Catering

There are many options for catering to any kind of event. As a company, Pearl Lemon Catering has a wide range of them to choose from and provides a wide range of services for London and the neighboring areas. One of our most popular services, coffee catering, is offered for private parties, celebrations, and all kinds of business events.

Corporate Catering

One of London’s largest selections of corporate catering services right now is provided by full-service company Pearl Lemon Catering. Pearl Lemon Catering can handle everything related to your corporate event, from large client lunches to small-group prospect breakfast meetings and fully catered employee lunches to corporate special event catering for company picnics or holiday celebrations, exhibits, conferences, and more.

Coffee Catering Service in London
afternoon tea catering London, Outdoor Event

Office Lunch Catering

When it comes to catered workplace lunches, you want something everyone will enjoy. With so many alternatives available, finding office lunch catering in London, that satisfies the needs and preferences of your workforce can seem like a challenging undertaking. Once you realize how much we can provide, selecting Pearl Lemon Catering becomes the best decision.

The demands of our customers come first at Pearl Lemon Catering, which is why we provide friendly service, reliable delivery, and a variety of cuisines to suit all palates. Order size is also never a problem for us, nor are dietary preferences and restrictions.

Throw An Epic Party With Us

When organising any event, you want to ensure everything will go according to plan, from the venue to the decorations. Most of your guests will anticipate having a delicious meal.

We are aware of how stressful throwing an event is. Pearl Lemon Catering aims to take the stress out of you by providing the best list of delicious food from our bespoke menu. With us, you can be confident around your guests by giving them a fantastic eating experience.

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Tea Catering Service in London

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Do you want cream cheese added to the menu?

Would cookies be much preferable?

We understand that thinking about all of this can be intimidating, so that you may require our expert assistance. 

Pearl Lemon Catering experts can help you select an aesthetic theme for your occasion. Additionally, you can participate in every procedure, guaranteeing that the party reflects your persona. 

Call us immediately if you need help coming up with a concept for an afternoon tea party and a fantastic afternoon tea caterer for your special occasion.


Yes! Pearl Lemon Catering offers flexible food offerings. This includes vegan and vegetarian options. Even though it’s vegan, At Pearl Lemon Catering, we refrain from bland and repetitive menus and make sure that clients enjoy our food. Everyone wants to avoid food waste, so we make every effort. Try our vegan event catering service now.

Absolutely! In addition to our bespoke menu, you can modify it to suit your preferences; we can accommodate portions, food allergies, and special dietary needs. Since we take pride in being an inclusive catering company, we will work with you to ensure you have a positive experience.

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The cost of catering services can vary from £8 to £155 per person. Consider the type of event, your preferred cuisine, and the anticipated number of guests when estimating costs.

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