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Choosing private bartenders for hire in London is more than just finding someone to serve drinks. By making this reservation, you’re giving your guests a helpful hand and a once-in-a-lifetime experience at your event.

Pearl Lemon Catering promises services that go above and beyond the call of duty in bartending. Instead, we provide a touch of class to your gatherings with our crew of dynamic, skilled, and energetic private bartenders for hire in London. Whether you’re hosting a wedding party, cocktail party, hen party, Christmas party, or whatever, our mobile bar service will deliver stress-free success with an extra dose of fun that will leave you impressed.

Contact us, and we’ll make sure your private event is a huge success.

What To Expect From A Private Bartender

Private bartenders are in high demand, especially during social and business functions such as wedding receptions, birthday celebrations, company picnics and more. Bartender hire extends far beyond simply serving beverages. They can establish the mood, provide entertainment and keep the celebration in high s

It’s not always a walk in the park to pick the right bartender for a private party. An excellent bartender needs specific abilities and expertise. Here at Pearl Lemon Catering, we aim to set the standard for customer service and product quality.

Evaluating A Private Bartender's Skills

There are various bartending schools, and they regularly turn out “green” bartenders who have just graduated. Hiring a private bartender right out of school can be tempting, but a smart event host knows that high-level experience is worth much more. 


Professional bartending services are invaluable in solving last-minute problems and ensuring your guests have a perfect time at your event.

What difference does that experience make? 

A bartender’s work history, craft cocktails, and ability to work in high-stress, high-volume environments should all be considered. The job of a private bartender with experience goes beyond simply pouring drinks. At private events, they set up and clean up, make sure the bar and prep areas run smoothly, and even offer special services like tastings and education about liquor or wine. 

The key to being an excellent private bartender is doing more than one thing at once. Professional bartenders who have worked at private parties can also do the following:

  • Getting and stocking supplies
  • Making homemade syrups and finding fresh fruits to juice and use as decorations
  • Putting together drink lists with event hosts
  • Putting together speciality drinks quickly and well
  • Having direct contact with other distributors and vendors

More experienced mixologists tend to be more outgoing and friendly than less skilled bartenders. This makes the event feel more personal and adds to the luxury experience for event guests.

Smiling bartender serving glasses of white wine
The bartender prepares a drink of coffee for a young girl in a cafe who is waiting for friends, private bartenders for hire in london

Specialised Certifications

Companies that offer private bartenders for hire in London often hire people who have special certifications to add to their services. A cocktail bar and specialty cocktails aren’t suitable for every party. Some events and event hosts might prefer luxury wines or craft beers.

Sommeliers have gone to school for a long time to learn about wine and want to spread the word about how good it is. They can suggest wine pairings for food menus, teach guests about wines, and even teach wait staff how to properly store, prepare, and serve wines. Additionally, if you’re looking for private bartenders for hire in London, they can also provide expert cocktail services, ensuring your event is accompanied by exquisite drinks crafted to perfection.

There is a wine sommelier equivalent for beer lovers. These beer experts are called “cicerone,” They have undergone special education and training to become beer experts. 

Cicerones know how to serve different kinds of beer the right way and can teach guests about flavours and styles. Cicerones are the best people to help with beer tastings or pick out various craft beers for special events.

How Much Does A Private Party Bar Staff Cost To Hire?

For a more accurate quotation, please contact us at Pearl Lemon Catering.

To factor in the cost of a bartender for a private party, you’ll have to consider:

Booking a Bartender During the Holidays

Private bartenders for hire in London, event bartenders will usually charge more for events that take place on or near a holiday. For example, if you want to hire a bartender for your holiday party in December, you may have to pay more than usual.

The price will be even higher if your party is on Christmas Day.

If you hire a bartender for a holiday party, you can expect to pay 30-50% more than you would for a regular party.

Hiring A Bartender With Special Skills

Flair bartenders are private bartenders for hire in London who can flip bottles and tell stories or jokes while they serve drinks. It will most likely cost more to hire a flair bartender in London because they are more skilled and have had more training.

When looking for private bartenders for hire in London, you should also consider how long it takes to serve each drink. For bigger events, you might need to hire more bartenders.

Bartenders may also have the following skills:

  • Know how to make a wide range of standard and unusual drinks.
  • Have an outgoing personality and good communication skills.
  • Have good long-term and short-term memory.
  • The more skilled a bartender is at an event, the more they can charge for their service.
Crop guest taking aperitif cocktail
Event decoration

You Might Need More Than One Bartender

Most of the time, the number of private bartenders for hire in London you’ll need to hire is based on how many drinks you’ll be serving and how many people will be at the party.

Beverages Served

If you’re looking for private bartenders for hire in London and you only serve beer and wine at your bar, you might only need one bartender for up to 100 people. You will probably need more than one bartender if you are serving mixed drinks. Beer and wine take less time to make and serve than mixed drinks.

Maximum Guests

Some personal bartenders serve based on how many people there are. Many bartenders won’t serve more than 50 to 75 people at a time. After 75 people have shown up, you should figure out how much an extra bartender will cost. Our private bartenders for hire can work with any size group as long as you know how many guests will be at your event.

Duration Of Your Party

Most bartenders are hired by the four-hour block (some require three hours). If you go over these times, your bartender may charge you extra fees of $30 to $80 on top of the cost of the drinks.

Make sure you book your bartender early, at least a few months in advance. Like the ones above, good ones with special skills are in high demand and get hired quickly.

Approximately half of the total cost needs to be paid upfront before guaranteed services are provided. Our private bartenders for hire are available for as little or as much as you need. 

Gratuity and Transportation

In 2020, the average salary for a bartender was $27,277, which was $28,677 less than the average salary across the country, which was $55,954.

In addition to their hourly pay, bartenders often get tips for their work. Most bartenders expect 5-20% of the total as tips. You can expect to pay more per hour if they can’t accept tips. This is to make up for the money that was lost.

The bartender’s contract may cover other things, like getting them to and from the party.

An expert bartender prepares a drink at a nightclub, Wedding Glass Hire London

Leverage Pearl Lemon's Private Bartenders For Hire In London

If you need a mobile bar hire for a corporate event, birthday party, or even just a house party, look no further.

We at Pearl Lemon Catering offer only the best cocktail makers with superb bar service.If you’re looking for event catering for your special event, give us a call.


Pearl Lemon Catering offers professional private bartenders for hire in London to elevate your event’s beverage service. Their skilled bartenders provide a range of services, from crafting custom cocktails to managing the entire bar setup and drink menu.

To hire a private bartender from Pearl Lemon Catering, you can visit their website and inquire about availability, services, and pricing. They typically provide a consultation to understand your event’s requirements and tailor their services accordingly.

Pearl Lemon Catering’s private bartenders are available for a wide variety of events, including weddings, corporate parties, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, cocktail parties, and more. They can adapt their services to fit the atmosphere and theme of your event.

Yes, all private bartenders provided by Pearl Lemon Catering are experienced professionals who are well-trained in mixology, bar etiquette, and customer service. They have the expertise to craft both classic and innovative cocktails and handle the demands of various types of events.

Absolutely. Pearl Lemon Catering’s private bartenders can work with you to create a custom cocktail menu that aligns with your preferences, theme, and the types of beverages you’d like to offer at your event. They can also suggest popular and trendy cocktails if needed.

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