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Any significant event requires a lot of planning and organization. All too often, people find there is not much time left before the day of their event, and there is still a lengthy list of things to do. This extensive list can make the whole thing a difficult ordeal, to say the least, and the worry sets in that your event is going to fall flat (and your guests are going to go hungry.)

As London caterers, we believe that any and all gatherings should be entertaining and fun both before and on the day of the event. Knowing how many people you need to feed and water, choosing the menu, preparing the food, serving it, and cleaning up after your guests have left are all important aspects of planning any event’s food and beverage preparations. Most people are sensible enough to know that they probably need catering help, but that opens up a whole new can of worms. What caterer to choose?

At Pearl Lemon Catering, we pride ourselves on being able to help you avoid catering catastrophes, and in ways that lots of our rivals just cannot. And the biggest reason we can say this so confidently is that to provide our catering services in London we can draw on the expertise – and the amazing food and drink – offered by not just one but four hot London food and beverage outlets, as well as on our dedicated staff of pro caterers.

What are those four amazing companies and what do they offer? Allow us to introduce them to you

Pearl Lemon Cafe started it all. Initially conceived as a gourmet coffee shop that replicates the Italian coffee house experience, it has grown to encompass both traditional and exotic coffee shop snacks and sandwiches too.

From the best in espresso and lattes – served up by some truly expert baristas, to sandwich platters that can be created to accommodate every dietary preference you can think of, Pearl Lemon Cafe’s amazing staff not only satisfy the food and beverage cravings of our growing customer base at our North End Road coffee shop but also for our catering clients.

Pearl Lemon Boba specialises in one of the trendiest beverages in town: bubble tea. Fun, exciting and oh so tasty bubble tea – or boba tea to some, milk tea to others – is a real crowd pleaser, as the lines at our Fulham café demonstrate every day!

A terrific way to cater to a variety of distinct tastes, add novelty and color to your event, and even personalize it is with bubble tea. Additionally, it’s very new and incredibly popular.

Additionally, bubble tea is a fantastic approach to satisfy all of those difficult-to-handle dietary requirements and preferences. Our bubble teas can be modified to be sugar-free, dairy-free, vegan, keto-friendly, and more. When you serve bubble tea at your upcoming event, no one will have to feel left out because there is truly a bubble tea option for everyone!

We can adapt our bubble tea catering services to accommodate gatherings of any size, from a small child’s birthday party to a teen celebration — Instagram-savvy teenagers, in particular love boba tea— to a family get-together or even a dinner party.

Pearl Lemon Tea Catering London
Tea Catering Service in London

Because everything from the flavors and topping choices to the colours of the cups, straws, and bubble tea itself can be customized to match the wedding theme, couples love our wedding bubble tea bars. This not only impresses guests but also leads them to rave about the couple after the celebration about how cool they are.

Choosing catering decisions for professional occasions can be equally challenging as making them for personal ones. Given how frequently your company’s reputation depends on its brand, it could even appear particularly difficult when it comes to major corporate events that are attended by the public.

After that sizable trade exhibition, what do you want folks to recall about your company? As the company that offered lame water bottles to attendees at the booth, or as the one with the amazing bubble tea bar and delectable refreshments?

Businesses can use our bubble tea catering services for meetings, trade exhibits, employee gatherings, company picnics, and a variety of other occasions. To make it even more memorable, we can brand the boba straws and bubble tea cups with your company’s name and branding. You can customize the menu, the toppings for the bubble tea, and the extras to your preferences too.

Right now, matcha is increasingly fashionable and is dominating social media conversations as well as the culinary industry. It is also lighting up (or should we say greening up?) countless Instagram feeds and TikTok videos. Although matcha is the second most talked-about tea beverage in the UK (after bubble tea), finding high-quality matcha can be challenging.

The success of How Matcha, our London café, can be attributed to the last part of that statement. The bright green beverages that people had been seeing and hearing about so much were desperately sought after, but they were hard to find. Finding matcha drinks that were good was even harder. In terms of both taste and quality.

And it’s that quality that sets How Matcha apart. Matcha is tricky stuff. The very best matcha green tea is only grown, and harvested, in a very special way in a handful of regions in Japan. This is the tea that can be used to create creamy, smooth tea drinks that delight the soul as much as they do the palette.

Cheap matcha on the other hand is bitter and hard to drink, which is why at How Matcha we only make use of organic, ceremonial grade tea from Japan, and it’s that same tea that we use when offering it to our matcha catering clients.

That’s right. With our matcha event catering services, How Matcha is now extending its amazing matcha tea beverages, snacks, and other items into the catering industry.

Event Catering Service in London
Juice Catering Service in London

As the Pearl Lemon Group is made up of a lot of athletes, from ultra marathoners and boxers to runners and cyclists, as well as musicians and busy parents, health has always been a top corporate priority, and Pearl Lemon Juice was born from that.

Pearl Lemon Juice specializes in offering the best in fresh, healthy cold-pressed juice drinks in a huge range of flavours and styles. The fact that these juices are hugely popular in our café, as well as via our juice subscription service, was not a huge surprise. The fact that the juice was increasingly requested by our catering clients was.

In hindsight, juice catering makes a lot of sense, and we are happy to provide it. More and more people hope to see healthy beverage options at events of all kinds, and our cold-pressed juices are certainly that. Our juice smoothies make for fabulous faux cocktails at any celebration, and certainly offer a wonderful way to cater to those who don’t drink alcohol or who are too young to do so!

Pearl Lemon Catering: London's Top Choice for Every Taste

With all of the great extra resources and expertise available to us, and a staff who are as picky about ensuring customer and guest satisfaction as they are about the food and beverage served, as well as knowledgeable about those offerings and how they suit guests with special dietary needs, we can honestly say that Pearl Lemon Catering is London’s top choice no matter what your tastes – and, perhaps more importantly, those of your guests.

But you don’t just have to take our word for it. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to tell you – and even demonstrate to you – how well we can serve you, and all of the guests at your next big (or small) catered event.


The “Our Endless Options” page showcases the diverse range of catering services offered by Pearl Lemon Catering. It provides insights into various menu selections, presentation styles, and customization possibilities for different events. From plated dinners to themed stations, this page allows you to explore the wide array of culinary experiences available to enhance your special occasion.

The “Our Endless Options” page acts as a comprehensive guide to help you make informed decisions about your catering needs. It breaks down the catering offerings into distinct sections, making it easy to browse through various options. You’ll find details about each style of catering, allowing you to match your event’s theme, guest preferences, and atmosphere with the perfect culinary experience.

Absolutely. Pearl Lemon Catering understands the importance of catering to diverse dietary needs. The “Our Endless Options” page emphasizes our commitment to customization, which includes accommodating dietary preferences such as vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free. This ensures that every guest can enjoy the culinary offerings, regardless of their dietary requirements.

Certainly. The “Our Endless Options” page provides a glimpse into the breadth of catering choices available. Pearl Lemon Catering’s team is ready to help you navigate these options based on your event’s unique requirements. By reaching out through the provided contact details, you can collaborate with our experts to curate a catering experience that aligns perfectly with your event’s vision and objectives.

Pearl Lemon Catering’s is designed to cater to a wide spectrum of events, from intimate gatherings to large-scale celebrations. Whether it’s a sophisticated wedding, a lively corporate event, or a casual party, our catering offerings can be tailored to match the event’s theme, size, and atmosphere, ensuring a seamless blend of delicious cuisine and exceptional service.

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