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Champagne Glass Hire London

Imagine you are hosting an important event; maybe it is your wedding, or your child is graduating from university, and you would love to celebrate this grand achievement.

Whatever the special occasion, Champagne Glass Hire London will likely be part of the celebratory drink. 

Champagne is a sparkling wine made in a region of France called Champagne., which is located about 90 miles northeast of Paris.

It’s created from three grapes: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier. The wine is fermented with added sugar and yeast, creating carbon dioxide trapped in the bottle, giving it its signature bubbles.

The wine is aged for a minimum of fifteen months before being labelled as Champagne, and it must also meet strict production guidelines to qualify for the designation.

Champagne is also known for its crisp, dry flavour enhanved using a champagne glass..

High-quality Champagne is often used for celebrations and special occasions. As such, you must use the right glasses to enjoy the aroma and taste fully.

Champagne glasses are expensive, and not so many people have them. If they do, it usually is not the right kind for the Champagne they have bought. Most people do not have enough Champagne glasses to accommodate the guests they will be hosting. 

This is where Pearl Lemon Catering can help. We can assist with Champagne Glass Hire London and deliver a wide range of high-quality wine and Champagne glasses, ensuring that everyone at your event can enjoy the drink with elegance and grace. Whether you’re organising a corporate event or a simple cocktail party, we will gladly deliver quality glassware hire to suit your needs.

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Why You Need The Right Champagne Glasses

Champagne glasses are specifically made to serve Champagne. They are typically tall and narrow, with a long stem and a bowl-shaped top that is wider than the base.

The shape of the glass is designed to enhance the flavours and aromas of the Champagne and to help preserve the bubbles in the drink.

There are three types of champagne glasses, and each one impacts the drinking experience.

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Champagne Coupe Hire

The coupe glass is shallow, broad-rimmed and stemmed in its design.

It is one of the oldest variations of champagne glassware used to hold the Champagne. It was the first official champagne glass popularised in England during the late 1830s.

The coupe’s shape allows you to watch the bubbles joyfully dance around the glass. Its design, however, does mean that the fizz within the Champagne dissipates more easily.

Given that the coupe is an iconic design, it adds a touch of theatrics to the drinking experience. If you’re planning a special event, consider Champagne Glass Hire London to elevate the elegance of your occasion.

When drinking from a coupe, it’s recommended that you hold the glass at either the rim or by pinching the top of the stem. This keeps the Champagne optimally cool, enhancing the overall taste and enjoyment of the sparkling wine.

Champagne Flute Hire

As sparkling wine became more popular and accessible to those outside the elite upper classes, Champagne Glass Hire London, other styles of Champagne glasses came into existence.

By the 1920s, the traditional coupes had gone out of favour and were replaced by the slimmer Champagne flutes.

As the effervescence of Champagne became hard to preserve, the champagne flute became more favourable, including for Champagne Glass Hire London, since it was tall, narrow, and properly preserved carbonation.

The signature tall and narrow shape of this glass helps preserve the flavour and carbonation of the wine. Champagne Glass Hire London The central indent at the bottom of the glass acts as a congregating point for the bubbles and helps them float smoothly to the top.

Wine glasses
Champagne Glass Hire London

Even within this category of champagne glasses, there are four further variations.

  • The classic flute has a long, tapered conical shape and is great at retaining the effervescence of the wine and concentrating the bubbles in the centre of the glass.
  • The trumpet champagne flute curves outward, making a trump shape at the opening. This design concentrates the bubbles at the rim, preserving the fizzy texture.
  • The square champagne flute is more contemporary. It has a squared-off design; this creates a more even distribution of bubbles that fizz more quickly.
  • Stemless champagne flutes are more modern and casual in design. Their conical shape retains the carbonation and aroma of the wine. It has no stem, so the wine will warm more quickly in your hand.

When drinking from a stemmed Champagne flute, holding the glass by pinching the top of the stem between your thumb and forefinger is recommended. This prevents you from warming the Champagne with your hands, keeping it nice and cold.

Champagne Tulip Hire

As Champagne became more popular, so did new designs. The tulip champagne glass grew in popularity around the world in the 1930s, particularly in Champagne Glass Hire London. They take their name from the flower as they have a long, narrow stem and an elongated oval shape.

Their signature teardrop shape traps the aromas inside the glass and funnels them towards the drinker’s nose. The wider bowl allows more room for the bubbles to aerate and dance around, but the narrow rim prevents them from escaping as easily.

To keep your Champagne at the optimal temperature, it is recommended that you hold your tulip glass at the bottom of the stem or by the base to avoid warming the wine with your hands. If you’re looking for Champagne Glass Hire London, these elegant glasses can enhance your event and elevate the experience for your guests.

Champagne Glass Hire London
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Why Champagne Glass Hire London From Pearl Lemon Catering Is More Effective

Buying a large number of champagne glasses can be extremely expensive, inflexible, and high maintenance and can lead to storage problems. Buying your own champagne glasses also means that you won’t have as much variety in your choice of glass.

With Pearl Lemon Catering, you can leave these factors to us.

Hiring our champagne glasses will make things easier on your budget, as hiring them for a short period or a one-off event is more cost-effective.

Hiring our champagne glasses will allow you to be flexible, as you will not be stuck with them for a lifetime. You can choose the specific type of glass that you need for a specific event and come back to choose another specific set for a completely new event.

Cleaning and maintaining a lot of champagne glasses can be a pain in the neck. They are delicate and must be cleaned, so they do not stay streaky after washing. Using Pearl Lemon Catering, you can leave the hassle of maintenance to us.

If you want to host your event with as little stress as possible, book a call with us now.

Why You Need The Right Champagne Glasses

As a constant seeker of emerging trends, Pearl Lemon Catering is constantly looking for intriguing glass patterns, forms, colours, and textures. We have a variety of high-quality glassware lines that you can use for mass-catering events and a variety of distinct collections that meet your expectations. There are several options, from sturdy construction to glasses made of the best crystal. Additionally, we offer Champagne Glass Hire London, providing an exquisite touch to your special occasions.

Whatever your preferences or aesthetics, our glassware collection in a range of patterns and hues has something perfect for you and your occasion. If you are offering beverages other than beer and wine, explore our selection of cocktail glasses, each with designs ideal for specific beverages. We have everything you need for hire, including gin balloons, whiskey tumblers, highball glasses, schooners, and Champagne Glass Hire London.

Champagne Glasses For Hire FAQs

Pearl Lemon Catering will be able to provide you with all the champagne glasses that you need. Just open up a chat to the right, fill in the contact form or email us at [email protected]

To properly pour Champagne, hold the bottle at a 45-degree angle and slowly pour it into the glass. Aim for the side of the glass, rather than the centre, to help preserve the bubbles. Fill the glass about halfway to allow room for the bubbles to expand.

Yes, you can. Other forms of sparkling wine, such as Prosecco or Cava, can be served in Champagne glasses. Do note that there are specific glasses for these types of wines.

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