Catering Case study Microsoft


The tech giant Microsoft recently held a self-service drop-off catering event at their Experience Centre in London. The event was attended by 40 people who were in for a treat thanks to Pearl Lemon Catering. 

The Scope of Work

Pearl Lemon Catering was tasked with providing self-service coffee, tea, sugar, milk, and vegan options for 40 people. The event was a drop-off catering service, meaning no staff was required. Microsoft wanted to ensure their attendees were well taken care of, and Pearl Lemon Catering was up to the challenge.


After receiving an inquiry from Microsoft, Jude from Pearl Lemon Catering proposed to provide self-service coffee, tea, sugar, milk, and vegan options for 40 people at the Microsoft Experience Centre. The proposal included a detailed list of ingredients and pricing, which Microsoft approved. 

Jude knew that Microsoft was known for their high standards and attention to detail, so he ensured everything was perfect. He even added some fun extras to the menu to improve the experience.

Costing the Ingredients

The pricing for the ingredients was based on the number of people attending the event and the types of beverages and options requested. 

Pearl Lemon Catering uses only the best ingredients to create delicious coffee and tea options. 

This portion of the event was simple for Axel and Lydia to work through as the cafe being up and running meant that they knew exactly where costs sat to be able to carry this event out.

Leading Up to the Event

In the days leading up to the event, Pearl Lemon Catering prepared all the necessary ingredients and delivered them to the Microsoft Experience Centre. The catering team ensured that everything was set up and ready for the event.

The team at Pearl Lemon Catering made sure that every detail was perfect. They set up a beautiful display of carafes/thermos, milk, sugar, cups, and other supplies that attendees could use to serve themselves. They even added some fun decorations to make the display more eye-catching.

The Event

The self-service drop-off catering event was held at the Microsoft Experience Centre on 3rd May 2023. The catering team provided coffee, tea, sugar, milk, and vegan options for 40 people. The attendees were able to serve themselves using carafes/thermos, milk, sugar, cups, and other supplies provided by Pearl Lemon Catering.

The attendees were delighted with the delicious coffee and tea options available. They were impressed with the variety of flavors and options available. Some even went back for seconds (or thirds)!

Hurdles and Obstacles

There were no major hurdles or obstacles encountered during the event. However, due to the self-service nature of the event, there was a risk that some attendees might take more than their fair share of supplies. To mitigate this risk, Pearl Lemon Catering provided enough supplies to ensure everyone would have enough.

The Outcome

The catering event was a huge success! Attendees raved about the coffee and tea options available and were impressed with the high level of service provided by Pearl Lemon Catering. Microsoft was pleased with the service provided and expressed interest in working with Pearl Lemon Catering again.

Overall, it was a fun and successful event that left everyone happy and satisfied. If you’re ever in need of high-quality catering services, Pearl Lemon Catering is definitely worth considering!