Top 10 Catering Companies In Italy 2024

Top 10 Catering Companies In Italy

When it comes to hosting an unforgettable event, the quality of the catering can make all the difference. Italy, known for its culinary excellence, is home to some of the finest catering companies in the world. In this list, we’ll explore the top 10 catering companies in Italy, each bringing a unique blend of tradition, innovation, and exceptional service to the table. From elegant weddings to corporate gatherings, these caterers deliver exquisite dishes that leave a lasting impression. 

Whether you’re seeking classic Italian fare or modern gastronomic delights, these companies provide tailored experiences that cater to your every need. Let’s dive into Italian catering and discover the best options for your next event. The following companies are renowned for their quality, creativity, and commitment to making your occasion special. Get ready to experience the best in Italian hospitality and cuisine. We make sure you get the best catering experience.

List of 10 Best Catering Companies in Italy

Here is a list of the top 10 catering companies in Italy:

  1. Pearl Lemon Catering
  2. Faderico Salza
  3. DAC Group
  4. Laurora Catering
  5. RM Glamour Ricevimenti Di Classe
  6. Il Sorriso Ricevimenti
  7. Apollinare Catering
  8. RI.CA. SRL

1.Pearl Lemon Catering

Pearl Lemon Catering stands out for its exceptional ability to tailor menus to meet diverse dietary needs and preferences. Known for its innovative approach, the company offers a range of cuisines, from traditional Italian to modern fusion dishes. Our emphasis on using locally sourced, high-quality ingredients ensures that every dish is fresh and flavourful

Pearl Lemon Catering’s commitment to sustainability is evident in our eco-friendly practices, making them a top choice for environmentally conscious clients. Our experienced chefs and event planners work closely with clients to create personalised dining experiences, ensuring each event is unique and memorable. With a reputation for excellence and a focus on customer satisfaction, Pearl Lemon Catering is the premier choice for any event in Italy.

2.Federico Salza Catering

Federico Salza Catering

Federico Salza Catering, with over 25 years of experience, is a leader in luxury event catering in Italy. Known for its exquisite offerings and meticulous attention to detail, the company provides bespoke catering services for weddings, private parties, and corporate events

Based in Tuscany, Federico Salza caters across Italy and internationally, offering customised event planning services from location scouting to event design. Their culinary team crafts personalised menus using the finest ingredients, ensuring an extraordinary dining experience that leaves a lasting impression on guests.

3.DAC Group

DAC Group excels in providing comprehensive catering services across various sectors, including commercial, collective, and hotel catering. Renowned for its logistical prowess, the company ensures fast and reliable delivery of high-quality food products. DAC Group emphasises customer service and sustainability, offering over 25,000 items, including speciality Italian products and premium meats

Their advanced B2B portal and mobile app streamline the ordering process, making it easy for clients to access their extensive catalogue. DAC Group’s commitment to excellence and innovation sets them apart in the catering industry.

4.L’Aurora Catering

L'Aurora Catering

L’Aurora Catering is renowned for its dynamic and innovative approach to event catering. The company offers bespoke services in the picturesque region of Tuscany. The company excels in creating memorable weddings, private parties, and corporate events, combining traditional Pugliese and Tuscan culinary techniques with modern flair. 

Their team, led by experienced professionals, ensures meticulous planning and execution, providing tailored menus and elegant setups. With a commitment to excellence and client satisfaction, L’Aurora Catering crafts unique experiences that reflect the beauty and tradition of their surroundings.

5.RM Glamour Ricevimenti

RM Glamour Ricevimenti specialises in crafting exquisite events in Tuscany, offering top-tier catering and event planning services. Their highly skilled team delivers tailored experiences, ensuring every detail is meticulously managed. The company provides various services, from luxurious wedding catering to corporate event solutions. 

With over 20 years of experience, they excel in creating memorable events. Their diverse menu options use fresh, high-quality ingredients. Their dedication to excellence has earned them numerous accolades and positive reviews, making them a trusted name in the industry.

6.Il Sorriso Ricevimenti

Il Sorriso Ricevimenti

Il Sorriso Ricevimenti is a family-run catering business in Florence known for its passion for traditional Tuscan cuisine. They offer various services, including weddings, corporate events, private parties, and more. 

Their focus on using high-quality, fresh ingredients ensures that every dish is delicious and authentic. Committed to client satisfaction, they provide personalised service and attention to detail, making every event special. Il Sorriso Ricevimenti’s dedication to excellence has earned them a stellar reputation in the catering industry.

7.Apollinare Catering

Apollinare Catering, based in the heart of Umbria, specialises in transforming events into memorable experiences. Known for their personalised approach, they offer bespoke catering services for weddings, corporate events, and private celebrations

Their experienced team, led by Chef Andrea and Event Manager Maria, ensures each event is meticulously planned and executed. Apollinare Catering emphasises using fresh, local ingredients to create unique, flavorful menus. Their commitment to excellence and client satisfaction makes them a top choice for elegant and unforgettable events.



RI.CA. SRL, with over 50 years of experience, offers high-quality catering services with a focus on tradition and authenticity. Their state-of-the-art cooking centre in Somma Vesuviana ensures the highest safety and hygiene standards. 

Specialising in school catering, they provide fresh, certified ingredients and maintain rigorous quality controls. The company is dedicated to making every meal special, supported by a team of nutritionists and food technologists to ensure the best culinary experience for their clients.

9.Summertrade SRL

Summertrade SRL excels in providing comprehensive catering and banqueting services for large-scale events. Known for their innovative approach and attention to detail, they offer tailored solutions for corporate events, weddings, and private parties

Their menu features a wide range of Italian and international dishes, all crafted with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Summertrade SRL strongly emphasizes client satisfaction and combines culinary expertise with exceptional service to ensure every event succeeds.

10.Vienna Servizi SRL

Vienna Servizi SRL

Vienna Servizi SRL specialises in catering and event management, offering diverse services from private parties to large corporate events. They pride themselves on their ability to create bespoke menus tailored to their client’s specific needs and preferences. 

Using only the finest ingredients, they deliver exceptional culinary experiences. Their team of experienced professionals ensures that every event is meticulously planned and executed, making Vienna Servizi SRL a trusted name in the catering industry.

Why Choose Pearl Lemon Catering?

Choosing Pearl Lemon Catering ensures a memorable culinary experience for your event. Our innovative approach and diverse menu options cater to all tastes and dietary needs. With a strong emphasis on using locally sourced, high-quality ingredients, Pearl Lemon Catering delivers fresh, flavourful dishes that impress guests. 

Our commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices aligns with the values of environmentally conscious clients. The experienced chefs and event planners work closely with clients to create personalised dining experiences. Known for their exceptional service and attention to detail, Pearl Lemon Catering is the premier choice for any occasion.

Experience Your Event with the Best Catering Company in Italy

In conclusion, selecting the right catering service can significantly affect the success of your event. Italy’s top 10 catering companies, each with unique specialities and a commitment to excellence, provide diverse options to suit any occasion. 

From Pearl Lemon Catering’s innovative and sustainable practices to Federico Salza’s luxurious offerings and DAC Group’s comprehensive services, you can find the perfect fit for your event. These caterers deliver exquisite dishes and ensure a seamless and memorable experience for you and your guests.

Ready to create an unforgettable event? Contact Pearl Lemon Catering today to start planning your perfect celebration!