Matcha Tea Catering with Pearl Lemon Catering

In the vibrant sphere of London’s catering scene, Pearl Lemon Catering distinguishes itself by offering an exceptional Matcha Tea Catering service. This innovative service merges matcha’s ancient traditions and health benefits with contemporary catering sophistication. It transcends the mere provision of a beverage to craft a holistic experience that celebrates wellness-conscious lifestyles and culinary ingenuity.

Matcha Tea Catering with Pearl Lemon Catering
Matcha Tea Catering London

The Essence of Pearl Lemon Catering's Matcha Tea Service

Choosing Pearl Lemon Catering’s Matcha Tea Catering London signifies a commitment to a refined lifestyle that appreciates the rich legacy of matcha. We curate an inclusive array of beverages derived from the finest organic and ceremonial-grade matcha, tailored to suit any event theme or dietary requirement. This versatility ensures every guest’s palate is delighted, making each sip a testament to our dedication to quality and inclusivity.

Elevating Your Event with Pearl Lemon Catering

Our passion for excellence shines through in every facet of our Matcha Tea Catering service. Thanks to our team of passionate baristas, the sophisticated matcha stations we set up add an element of visual elegance and become a focal point of engagement. Their expertise in matcha preparation ensures an interactive and enriching experience for your guests, setting our service apart as a memorable highlight of your event.

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Premium Quality: The Foundation of Our Service

At Pearl Lemon Catering, we anchor our service in the uncompromising quality of our ingredients. By sourcing only the best organic and ceremonial-grade matcha, we guarantee a beverage experience that is both a delight to the senses and a boon to wellness. This commitment to excellence makes our Matcha Tea Catering the choice for those who seek unmatched taste and healthful benefits.

Customization and Versatility

Our Matcha Tea Catering service complements various events, from sophisticated weddings to corporate functions and festive gatherings. Understanding the importance of a tailored beverage service, we offer customizable options to enhance your event with a unique, health-conscious flair. We emphasise our commitment to creating bespoke experiences for every client.

Matcha Tea Catering London
Seamless Service for a Memorable Thanksgiving

Innovation and Satisfaction: Our Commitments

Selecting Pearl Lemon Catering for your Matcha Tea Catering affirms our shared values: innovation, quality, and satisfaction. We are dedicated to crafting unparalleled matcha experiences that blend contemporary flair with the time-honoured health benefits of matcha. We aim to ensure that our distinctive offerings elevate your event, enriching the experience for all attendees.

Booking Your Matcha Experience with Pearl Lemon Catering

Pearl Lemon Catering invites you to transform your event into a celebration of flavour, health, and memorable moments with our Matcha Tea Catering London. This service explores matcha’s vast potential in a setting honouring the joy of coming together. Contact us to discover how we can make your London event successful with our matcha catering.

Pearl Lemon Catering’s fresh approach to London catering sets a new benchmark for event experiences. It blends matcha’s health benefits and rich heritage with the dynamic demands of contemporary events. Whether a cosy gathering or a grand affair, our Matcha Tea Catering promises an exceptional addition, infusing your occasion with elegance, wellness, and unparalleled flavour.

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Matcha Tea Catering London

More About What We Do

Discover the Magic of Matcha: A Historical Journey

Dive into matcha’s storied past with an interactive presentation that enriches your event. Experience how this esteemed green tea became integral to Japanese tea ceremonies and its evolution through time, adding an educational dimension to each sip.

Matcha Mixology: Personalized Tea Creations

Empower your guests with a customisable tea station to explore their matcha mixology skills. Offering a selection of organic matcha powders, sweeteners, and milk alternatives, this experience encourages culinary creativity and engagement.

Zen and the Art of Tea Preparation

Immerse in the tranquillity of matcha preparation with live demonstrations. Our skilled baristas will share this art’s serene techniques and traditions, offering a moment of zen amidst the celebration.

Matcha Tasting Tour: Explore Flavors

Embark on a tasting adventure highlighting the unique profiles of different matcha grades. From the bold culinary to the refined ceremonial grade, deepen your appreciation for this versatile tea through a sensory journey.


Our catering menu is thoughtfully designed to accommodate various dietary needs, ensuring every guest can relish our matcha offerings. We prioritise inclusivity and adaptability in our service.

We advise booking our Matcha Tea Catering at least four weeks before your event. This preparation period allows us to tailor every service aspect to match your event’s theme and exceed your expectations perfectly.

No, our Matcha Tea Catering is designed to be scalable and suitable for events of any size. Whether for an intimate affair or a large celebration, we deliver an unforgettable matcha experience.

Customising the matcha station to complement your event’s theme is a hallmark of our service. We ensure our setup delights the palate and visually enhances your celebration’s ambience.

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