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The average volume per person in the Alcoholic Drinks market is expected to amount to 79.11 L in 2022. People drink a lot, and sometimes managing them can be a pain.

Event planning is tiring work, and to add to that, you need to consider aspects such as the bartending service, local bartenders for hire in London, the guests, and the drinks. Without a professional cocktail maker and bar hire services, it all becomes an overwhelming task.

The next time you organise an event like a Christmas party, a birthday party, cocktail party, hen party, wedding reception or even a private event, you might want to consider hiring a bartender to serve you and your guests.

Pearl Lemon Catering is precisely what you need. Give us a call, and we’ll arrange your stress-free party on your behalf!

Here are five compelling reasons to hire a bartender from a reputable event staffing firm.

Hiring A Bartender is Vital to Having A Great Party

Event Catering Service in London

No Need To Worry About Tiny Details

By taking into account your preferences and those of your guests, a professional event staffing firm in London should be able to help you select the best drinks and unique cocktails. They can suggest the best drinks based on customer reviews and the company’s extensive history. By adhering to the recommendations made by the company regarding the quantity of alcohol and other grocery goods to buy, you’ll also save a ton of money when you go liquor shopping. Additionally, you can consider hiring local bartenders for hire in London to add a personalized touch to your event’s drink service.

Maintain an organised and clean environment!

In the end, throwing this event is all about having good times with your guests. If all you do at the event is serve refreshments and clean up, you will not be able to accomplish this! It won’t be possible for you to spend time with your guests or speak to them. 

A mobile bartender can handle all the small details for you, allowing you to step back and relax. As a result, when looking for local bartenders for hire in London, you will be able to spend more time with your family and friends. Your guests will most likely appreciate you because you actively engaged with them, and they will feel they were taken care of.

An experienced bartender from our list of local bartenders for hire in London will help you with setup and cleanup. Your bar will be ready to serve as soon as your first guest arrives, so you don’t need to worry about it. You and your family can give full attention to your guests as they arrive. Additionally, the bar staff will maintain the bar area throughout the night and clean it up at the end of the party.

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Signature Cocktails are a chance to give your guests VIP treatment.

It is possible to make your bar service stand out exceptionally by offering signature cocktails. In addition to learning about your preferences and experience level, a bartender will take the time to learn about you. To accomplish this, they could invent something novel and unique or even enhance something classic. When looking for local bartenders for hire in London, you can ensure a truly memorable and personalised experience.

Your guests will benefit the most, as they’ll be treated to well-made and delicious drinks made just for them. Creating a variety of drinks requires the knowledge and experience of an experienced bartender. The tasty favourites you and your guests will receive throughout the evening will make all the difference to the night.

The party never stops with a professional bartender.

The first place guests go to when they arrive is the bar. This could cause unwanted traffic in the bar area. With speed, great personalities, and excellent customer service, local bartenders for hire in London manage the line effectively while providing exemplary service and an overall pleasant experience.

In most cases, you will serve a full dinner or even just appetisers at your event. Perhaps we should also include some drinks in the mix if that’s the case? Having local bartenders for hire in London at your event gives it a more polished appearance. Using a mobile bartender keeps the whole process organised and streamlined, unlike doing it yourself.

Furthermore, adult beverages contribute to the brightness of any event, especially when expertly crafted by local bartenders for hire in London. Therefore, your guests can socialise more, relax, and enjoy your company more by adding craft beers, cocktails, champagne, and wine served by professionals. Guests who are timid and subdued aren’t what you want at your party.

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Protects you from liability

It is important to remember that serving alcohol carries a certain level of responsibility. Local bartenders for hire in London who specialise in this field alleviate some of this stress for you. They are responsible for having certification and insurance because they are a legitimate business.

Furthermore, they have the experience that makes them the best choice for your event. Having professional bartenders ensures that you’re providing legitimate bar services and that your bartenders have the experience to handle any situation that might arise.

It is possible for experienced bartenders to discreetly stop serving alcohol to an individual after they have had a little too much to drink if they recognise the individual has been drinking too much. By doing so, Aunt Beatrice or the host are spared the embarrassment of interfering in the conflict, and you can ensure a safe and smooth event.

Inclusions of Bartending

It is up to bartenders to shake things up regarding martinis and cosmopolitans. The inclusion of alcoholic drinks on any menu is always a wise choice. You can hire someone to cater cocktails for a more formal affair. When hiring bar staff, you can expect to receive the following services:

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Full-service bartending

In addition to all that, we deliver full bartending services for special occasions. We offer various packages to fit the occasion according to the size of your event. A complete service includes barbacks, equipment for making and serving mixed drinks, and bartenders on site

Depending on your chosen service, you can also order separate packages for alcohol. Those who have a special event may plan a special menu of drinks. In addition to setting up the bar, serving drinks, and cleaning up afterwards, taskers will handle all aspects of the party.

Planning the menu

The use of customised menus can enhance any hospitality service. Choosing someone with an eye for detail is a good idea. It is not uncommon for cocktail bartenders to offer menu planning services as part of their service offerings. During this time, planning sessions and pre-event tasting sessions can take place. As appropriate to your event theme, we can design a menu incorporating special drinks and fresh and seasonal ingredients. 

Selecting a mobile bar

Any venue can be transformed into a party with a mobile bartender. The event can be held anywhere, like in the backyard or a hotel function room. In addition, you can customise its appearance according to the theme. Due to the bar’s numerous elements, it is an efficient option. A mobile bar makes serving guests their favourite cocktails easier at private parties with panel bars and folding shelves.

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Creating unique cocktails and drinks

A cocktail bartender’s skills in drinks are what you should look for when you hire them. If spirits, wine, or beer are needed, you will need to provide them. While some choose to bring their own equipment, you may also need to provide them with your own. Professionals can advise you in advance if you are unsure what drinks to serve. When planning a party or corporate event, you should communicate exactly what kind of drinks you would like served.

Enjoy Your Own Party With Local Bartenders For Hire In London

There are a lot of benefits to hiring a bartender for your event. A party host does more than look after your guests; they also keep the drinks flowing and the party moving. This gives you (the host) more time to relax and enjoy the party.

We employ professional bartenders who are insured and professionally trained. In addition to setup and take-down of our no-hassle bartending services, we also provide event staffing and drinks. Our bespoke services for parties and corporate events will surely reach your expectations.

You can find more information about our easy packages, prices, and availability on our website Pearl Lemon Catering.

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To get a quote for hiring local bartenders, you can reach out to Pearl Lemon Catering through their official website or provided contact information. Provide details about your event, including date, location, guest count, and your bartending needs.

Yes, you can hire local bartenders as a standalone service from Pearl Lemon Catering, even if you’re not utilizing their full catering services. This allows you to tailor their services to your specific event requirements.

Yes, Pearl Lemon Catering’s local bartenders have experience working with a variety of events, from formal dinners to casual gatherings, ensuring they can adapt their services to suit the ambiance of your event.

Certainly, Pearl Lemon Catering can help design the bar setup and presentation to align with your event’s theme or style. They aim to create a visually appealing and engaging bar experience.

Booking local bartenders in advance is recommended, especially for peak event seasons. Contact Pearl Lemon Catering as soon as your event details are confirmed to secure their services.

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