10 Tips That'll Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Buffet Meal

Eat More At Buffet

Are you someone who loves to eat but can never seem to get the most out of your buffet meals? If so, you’re not alone! Many people struggle with maximising their buffet experience but fear not – with these ten tips, you can become a master at getting the most out of every meal.

From pre-meal preparation to post-meal satisfaction, this guide by Pearl Lemon Catering will ensure that no morsel goes wasted and that every visit to the buffet is enjoyable. So put on your stretchy pants, and let’s prepare to feast!

Choose Lunch Over Dinner

Eating lunch instead of dinner at a buffet can help you make the most of your meal without feeling too full afterwards. Not only will you enjoy a variety of dishes in one sitting, but you’ll also be able to burn those calories throughout the day.

When eating lunch, start with small portions and multiple sample dishes. Opt for grilled or steamed food over fried items, as they tend to be higher in fat and calories. Bring some friends as well – it’ll make eating more enjoyable, plus they can give their opinions on what’s worth trying.

Finally, don’t forget to ask how certain dishes are prepared or if any ingredients could trigger allergies or sensitivities for anyone at your party. With these tips in mind, you will surely have an amazing lunch experience at the buffet!

Wear Comfy Clothes

When you’re headed to a buffet, it’s important to wear comfortable clothes. Wearing something tight or constricting will quickly make you feel overly full and limit your potential food intake. Instead, opt for loose, airy garments that won’t hinder your movement or digestion.

Finding the right balance between comfort and style is key – something like a light cotton dress or a pair of stretchy pants would work perfectly. You could also bring an elastic waistband or belt just in case you need extra support after you’ve had your fill of delicious food. You’ll enjoy more dishes without feeling too stuffed by wearing the right clothing.

Don't Starve Before Going

It’s important not to starve yourself before going to a buffet. It can be tempting to skip meals or eat very light to save room for the buffet, but this will work against you when you get there. Skipping meals or eating too little causes your metabolism to slow down, leaving you feeling weak and lethargic.

This means that when you sit at the buffet table, you’ll have less energy and be less likely to eat as much as you would normally. Instead, try eating smaller, lighter meals throughout the day so that you arrive at the buffet with a healthy appetite and ready to enjoy all of the delicious foods available.


It is important to stay hydrated while eating at a buffet. Drinking plenty of water before, during and after your meal helps the body digest food more effectively and keeps you feeling full longer. 

If you want to maximise your buffet experience, try drinking a glass of water between each dish or course. This will help lower the amount of food consumed and help with digestion.

Adding lemon or lime to your water can increase metabolism-boosting benefits. It’s always best to avoid sugary drinks like soda while eating at a buffet, as they can fill you up quickly without offering any nutritional value. Staying hydrated during your buffet meal not only aids in digestion but also keeps you energised and ready for more!

Work Up An Appetite

It’s always best to go into a buffet with an empty stomach to take full advantage of all the delicious food. Working up an appetite ahead of time is a great way to ensure you can eat as much as possible. Before you head out, try doing some light exercise such as walking, jogging, or simple stretching exercises.

This will help get your body ready for digestion and also helps stimulate your hunger. Also, studying the menu beforehand can help set your sights on what dishes you want to try once you arrive at the buffet. Doing research ahead of time will also ensure you don’t miss out on any of the delicious items they offer!

Eat Your Favs First

Eat More At A Buffet

You don’t want to overeat something you didn’t enjoy and then feel too full to attempt anything you thought would be intriguing. This is a common problem that most people face when they’re in restaurants. To avoid this, eat what you want first, and only try other foods if you still have room.

It’s not always easy to know when you should stop eating. Sometimes it can be difficult to discern when you’ve had enough, especially if you’re eating something new or challenging for your taste buds. If you continue to eat after you’ve reached a certain point, it’ll be too filling and probably won’t be fun anymore.

Size Does Matter

Consume fewer servings to delay feeling full sooner. You can sample more meals in this way without getting bloated. When people have a meal, they often finish it and feel full. This can lead to overeating. To consume fewer servings, try sampling your food by taking smaller bites. You can also use other techniques like drinking water or chewing gum to help you feel fuller quicker.

Start Light

Don’t go for the biggest plate – start with a smaller plate and load it up with smaller servings of multiple dishes. Eating less on a plate is the best way to go. If you don’t have a smaller plate, divide your normal-sized plate into thirds or halves. 

Not only will this help control your portion sizes, but it will also allow you to sample more foods in one sitting. When you have one-third or one-half of your plate full, you are in control and can see what you’re eating.

Move Around

While filling up your favourites can be tempting, try something new each time you visit the buffet. Restaurants typically offer many choices, but it can be easy to feel overwhelmed when deciding what to eat. After all, that’s part of what makes buffets so fun!

Avoid Sodas

Sodas are another item to avoid. You will feel bloated after drinking these fizzy beverages, preventing you from doing many of the things you wanted to. The carbonation in the drink can make you feel jittery, and the sugar content can cause your blood sugar to spike, interfering with your sleep schedule.


Fill your plate with a little bit of everything on the menu rather than focusing entirely on one dish that seems very delicious. This is our main tip for you! 

As there are so many different sorts of allergies and dietary requirements today, buffets make it simpler and more affordable to provide guests with various options. Now you know how to eat more at a buffer, go ahead and fill your plate!

Looking for help curating a buffet instead? Give us a call or drop a message to the team and we can help you create the buffet spread of your dreams.


What should I eat before a buffet to eat more?

Eating easy-to-digest foods like yoghurt, apples, and cereal 2-3 hours before will help your stomach expand, and you’ll be hungry again when you get to the buffet.

What do buffets do to make you full faster?

They don’t add anything. It’s the organisation that fills most people. At the start is all the cheap and filling items- salad, bread, etc. and at the end are the expensive meats. The drinks also fill you up, as when you eat dry, starchy food, you often get thirsty.

How much food should I eat at a buffet?

The buffet should include enough for a main entrée for guests, with 2-3 sides per person. Smaller portions of bread, salads and soups can also act as great fillers. As with breakfast and lunch buffets, dinner buffets should include a choice of dessert and a variety of beverages.