High-Quality Catering Suppliers in London: Top Brands Available

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Gathering the needed catering supplies for any event can be a hassle. Maybe you’re a new catering business that just got a huge impromptu order, or you’re a developing catering business looking to expand; the need for high-quality catering suppliers London is ever-growing. 

In this day and age of cut-throat competitors, Catering Suppliers London, you need every advantage you can get. Having high-quality catering supplies is one such way in which you can gain an edge. Having the right equipment at the right time is extremely important.

You can only succeed in catering by preparing food of the highest quality that your clients will crave over and over again. You can only achieve that by using the best ingredients and supplies. 

Pearl Lemon Catering, along with its expertise in Catering Suppliers London, can provide you with everything you need to make your event a success.

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Equipment And Tools Used By Catering Businesses

Various tools and equipment are needed for preparing, cooking, and serving food in the catering industry. Working tables, cooking pans, stoves, fryers, sinks, culinary tools, mortars, blenders, etc., are among them.

Equipment can be grouped according to its various sizes and functions. These include large, small and mechanical equipment.

Large Equipment

Large equipment is any big items that sometimes need to be installed or fixed. They are usually very heavy and difficult to move easily. These include Catering Suppliers London tables, cooking ranges, sinks, refrigerators, and fryers. This could include mobile bars as well.

Small Equipment

Small equipment, also known as “tools,” are compact and portable items. They encompass knives, openers, spoons, forks, graters, sieves, and kitchen scales. When it comes to sourcing these items, Catering Suppliers London have got you covered.

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Mechanical Equipment

Mechanical equipment, operated by electricity and also referred to as appliances, are essential tools in the kitchen. They include mixers, blenders, liquidizers, slicers, mincers, kettles, toasters, and rice cookers. When looking for reliable supplies, Catering Suppliers London can provide you with a wide range of options to choose from.

Outside of these three categories, there are also measuring tools commonly available from Catering Suppliers London. These are used to gauge or estimate the quantity of an ingredient, such as liquids, powders, and flours. These include jugs, cups, spoons, and scales.

A whole range of equipment is needed to run a catering supplier business effectively.

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Catering Suppliers London

Every kitchen tool and piece of equipment serves a purpose. You need to use the right tool for the job to do things safely and efficiently in the kitchen.

The quality of your equipment is important too. Catering Suppliers London, it is crucial to invest in the highest quality tools and equipment. Using the right equipment will save you time and improve the quality of your cooking. It will increase the efficiency of your kitchen and make it a safe space.

Equipment is the costliest aspect of starting up a catering service. Materials needed to safely transport food to its final destination and prepare it should be at the top of any must-have list.

Carts, food and beverage carriers, and storage for the wide array of utensils are all needed to transport everything from your base to the event space safely. That is just the tip of the iceberg, though. 

You will also need dinnerware, chairs, linens and banquet tables, mobile catering and cooking equipment, serving trays, beverage dispensers and chafing dishes.

As you can see, gathering the right Catering Suppliers London equipment will take up a large portion of your budget. Therefore, it is extremely important that you not only buy the right Catering Suppliers London equipment but also make sure that it is of high quality. According to professionals, you should be prepared to budget $10,000 to $50,000 in startup costs for your catering supplier company.

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Taking Care Of High-Quality Catering Supplies

When working with mechanical equipment, always inspect it for wear and damage. Daily inspection and monitoring can help prevent your equipment from completely breaking down. It allows you to budget for Catering Suppliers London components that need replacing ahead of time.

Contaminated mechanical equipment and a dirty environment can easily lead to equipment breakdown. Polluted environments can easily cause damage. You should be sure to check filters and seals often.

Clean burners, flattops, grease traps and grates after every use.

Replace any grease filters that are damaged or excessively greased.

As you are cleaning equipment, it is important that you lubricate the motors and moving parts with food-grade lubrication. Conventional lubrication is not sanitary enough to use on kitchen equipment.

Choose The Best Catering Suppliers in London - Pearl Lemon Catering

If you need a hand navigating the intricacies of procuring the right equipment, then look no further than Pearl Lemon Catering.

We at Pearl Lemon Catering have been in the catering game for years. We have been offering catering services to corporations in London for a long time. We know exactly how crucial it is to provide clients with fresh, high-quality food and beverages. To deliver high-quality service, you need equipment that meets those standards. You need to do this to stand out from your competitors and take your business to new heights.

Unlike many other catering suppliers, Pearl Lemon Catering draws on years of expertise and resources. This allows us to offer a wide range of equipment that fits the specific needs of your business. We know exactly what your business needs.

We offer equipment that works consistently and effectively to ensure you can provide catering services without having to stress about faulty equipment.

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The Advantages of Pearl Lemon Catering

As a constant seeker of emerging trends, Pearl Lemon Catering is constantly looking for intriguing glass patterns, forms, colours, and textures. We have a variety of high-quality glassware lines that you can use for mass-catering events and a variety of distinct collections that meet your expectations. There are several options, from sturdy construction to glasses made of the best crystal.

Whatever your preferences or aesthetics, our glassware collection in a range of patterns and hues has something perfect for you and your occasion. If you are offering beverages other than beer and wine, go through our selection of cocktail glasses, each of whose designs is ideal for a specific beverage. We have everything you need for hire, including gin balloons, whiskey tumblers, highball glasses, and schooners.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Corporate catering refers to providing food and beverages for business events.

Wedding catering refers to the provision of food and drinks for weddings. It requires more significant attention to detail compared to corporate catering. It is much more than just cooking and serving food.

Social event catering  refers to providing food and drinks at social events. These are more intimate affairs. It encompasses birthdays, grand openings, bridal showers and the like.

Concession catering refers to the provision of food at major sporting events, seasonal competitions and live concerts.

One of the most common challenges is a skills shortage. There is an average of 10 applicants per chef role. To combat this, you need a training programme that upskills your team.

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