Unveiling the The of Green Boba Tea & Smoothie Launch for Wise


Wise, the online banking platform, reached out to Pearl Lemon Catering to make their company training and rebranding event a memorable experience for their team. The central theme for this event was “GREEN,” reflecting the company’s vibrant brand colour and commitment to innovative and fresh ideas.

Wise requested that the catering include bespoke boba tea options to align perfectly with this theme, adding a unique and trendy twist to the event’s refreshments. Pearl Lemon Catering was tasked with creating a variety of boba tea flavours that tasted not only exceptional but also visually represented the theme, possibly incorporating green elements into the beverages like matcha or kiwi flavours.

The challenge was to seamlessly integrate the essence of Wise’s brand into the catering options, enhancing the thematic coherence of the event and ensuring that the refreshments were delightful and memorable. Pearl Lemon Catering’s expertise in crafting customised beverage solutions was crucial in bringing this creative vision to life, promising to deliver a unique and engaging culinary experience for all attendees.

The Scope of Work

The original scope of work was to include:

  • All Green Drinks
  • Green Apple Fruit Teas
  • Honeydew Milk Teas
  • Matcha Milk Tea
  • Our Green Detox smoothie

These were to all be prepared and then brought on site.

Below is the original proposal sent via email and agreed upon:


Catering Case Study Wise

Our sales guy Jude sent the original proposal to the Wise team.

This event was great as this meant it was going to be for 400 people. That means alot of prep with one week to coordinate it.

Once we got to the event, we were to stay for two hours to serve everyone their green drinks.

Costing the Ingredients

The cost structure for the Wise event was distinctively streamlined compared to other events due to its reliance on Pearl Lemon Catering’s existing boba tea menu. This approach significantly reduced the complexity typically associated with bespoke menu planning.

For Axel and Lydia, much of the preparatory work—such as sourcing suppliers, calculating costs, and finalizing recipes—was already accomplished thanks to the established boba menu. This prior preparation allowed them to focus primarily on the logistical aspects of the event: ordering the necessary ingredients, producing the boba teas, transporting them to the venue, and serving them to attendees.

This efficiency not only simplified the execution process but also ensured cost-effectiveness, as the pre-existing relationships with suppliers and familiarity with the recipes minimized the potential for unexpected expenditures. The ability to lean on a ready-to-execute plan allowed the team to dedicate more attention to ensuring the quality and presentation of the beverages, aligning them with the event’s green theme and Wise’s brand aesthetics.

Menu Design

For the Wise event, the beverage selection process was notably straightforward due to the specific directive to focus on green-themed items from Pearl Lemon Catering’s existing drink menu. This clear guidance expedited the decision-making process, allowing our team to quickly identify and choose beverages that fit the green motif and promised to be popular among the attendees.

The selected options included green apple and honeydew boba teas, known for their vibrant colour and refreshing taste. Additionally, matcha boba tea offered a rich, earthy flavour that aligned well with the health-conscious trends in beverage preferences. Complementing these choices, our green detox smoothie was included for its nutritional benefits and bright, appealing appearance.

This curated selection of green beverages was designed to visually enhance the event’s thematic element while providing a delightful and diverse drinking experience. By leveraging our existing menu, we ensured consistent quality and efficient service, aligning seamlessly with Wise’s branding and the event’s overall objectives.

Leading Up to the Event

The Wise event presented a unique challenge due to its partially last-minute nature, with only one week from the initial inquiry to the actual event date. This tight timeline necessitated an extremely efficient and error-free preparation process by the Pearl Lemon Catering team.

The condensed schedule meant that every aspect of the event planning—sales calls, drafting and approving proposals, processing payments, and preparing and ordering ingredients—had to be executed swiftly and without error. There was no margin for mistakes, particularly in calculating the correct quantities of ingredients needed, as any delay or inaccuracy could jeopardize the smooth execution of the event.

The team had to work with precision and close coordination to ensure that all logistical and operational components were handled effectively. Suppliers were promptly contacted to confirm availability and delivery schedules, and the team meticulously managed the procurement and preparation phases to align with the event’s requirements. This intensive effort ensured that despite the short notice, the event was set up for success, reflecting the team’s commitment to delivering high-quality service under pressure.

The Event

Catering Case Study Wise

Hurdles and Obstacles

One of the very few hurdles that came with this event was simply logistics.

Because this was a partial drop-off service, we had to prepare 400 drinks the morning of to bring.

With no prep area or ability to bring our equipment, we had to pace ourselves to be sure we could get everything made. Smoothies had to be done the day of to avoid discolouration of the produce in it, boba that is prepped too soon loses some of its texture.

The Outcome

The event for Wise was executed smoothly and met all the set objectives, demonstrating Pearl Lemon Catering’s capability to handle high-pressure situations effectively. Despite the short lead time, the team adhered to all deadlines, ensuring that every aspect of the event—from delivery to service—was conducted without any hitches.

The attendees were particularly pleased with the selection of green-themed drinks, which aligned with the event’s motif and catered to diverse tastes. The success of this event significantly bolstered Pearl Lemon Catering’s reputation, opening doors to more prestigious and varied catering opportunities.

Working with Wise proved to be a valuable experience, enhancing the company’s visibility and establishing its prowess in managing and executing corporate events with unique requirements. This has led to an expansion in business opportunities, allowing Pearl Lemon Catering to showcase its versatility and quality in new and exciting environments.

Catering Case Study Wise

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