Catering Case Study Wise


Wise (yes, the online banking platform) reached out to us to help make their company training and rebranding event a memorable experience for their team.

For them, this meant being the theme GREEN and providing some bespoke boba tea options.

The Scope of Work

The original scope of work was to include:

  • All Green Drinks
  • Green Apple Fruit Teas
  • Honeydew Milk Teas
  • Matcha Milk Tea
  • Our Green Detox smoothie

These were to all be prepared and then brought on site.

Below is the original proposal sent via email and agreed upon:


The original proposal was sent to the Wise team by our sales guy Jude.

This event was great as this meant it was going to be for 400 people. That means alot of prep with one week to coordinate it.

Once we got to the event, we were to stay for two hours to serve everyone their green drinks.

Costing the Ingredients

Costing for this event was different compared to other events. While many events opt for more bespoke menus. The wise event was based off of our boba menu.

This meant the heavy lifting was already done for Axel and Lydia. Suppliers were ready, costs were already figured out and recipes were in place.

We just had to order, make, and transport and serve.

Menu Design

Usually, this is quite an in-depth process for our team. But given we were told green only and to go by our existing boba and drink menu, we just had to pick what was green.

This meant green apple, honeydew, matcha and our green detox smoothie.

Leading Up to the Event

This was a partially last minute event. It was only one week From the enquiry to the event.

This meant sales calls, proposals, payment, prep and ordering all in less than 7 days. This left no room for error for ingredients being ordered and math done to ensure amounts were correct.

The Event

Hurdles and Obstacles

One of the very few hurdles that came with this event was simply with logistics.

Because this was a partial drop off service, we had to prepare 400 drinks the morning of to bring.

With no prep area or ability to bring our equipment, we had to pace ourselves to be sure we could get everything made. Smoothies had to be done the day of to avoid discolouration of the produce in it, boba that is prepped too soon loses some of its texture.

The Outcome

Overall the event went smoothly.

We were able to stick to our deadlines, get everything delivered and everyone was happy with their green drink choices. Working with Wise opened many more doors to some amazing catering opportunities.