Fizz and Flavor Fusion: Unveiling the Centiva Beer and Canape Soiree


In September 2023, Centiva, known for its dynamic and innovative approach, sought to enhance its office event by enlisting the expertise of Pearl Lemon Catering. With a vision to create an unforgettable experience for

Pearl Lemon Catering was tasked with providing a sophisticated culinary spread that included an array of exquisite canapés. These bite-sized delicacies were designed to offer a variety of flavours, textures, and aromas, each crafted to be visually appealing and gastronomically satisfying. The selection of beers was carefully chosen to complement these flavours, with each beer served in specially selected glassware that enhanced its character and taste. Additionally, a range of soft drinks was provided, each served in its matching cup to maintain the theme of tailored service and attention to detail.

Centiva also brought its own selection of wines to the event, adding a personal touch to the beverage options. Pearl Lemon Catering seamlessly integrated these wines into the event’s culinary theme, ensuring that the flavours of the canapés and drinks were harmoniously matched. This thoughtful coordination of food and drink showcased Pearl Lemon Catering’s commitment to excellence and ability to adapt to client preferences, ultimately elevating the overall dining experience at the event.

The Scope of Work

The initial scope of the agreed-upon work included the following components:

  • Curate a canape and beer menu for the team to choose from
  • Serve canapes to guests
  • Serve beer and wine to guests
  • Ensure all guests are happy and well taken care of throughout the event

Costing the Ingredients

The Centiva event presented a unique and exciting challenge for Pearl Lemon Catering, particularly regarding cost determination. This event was notably significant as it marked the first test run of our newly revised canapé menu, offering us a valuable opportunity to gauge client reactions to our updated selections.

The revamped menu now included traditional meat, vegan, and vegetarian options and an array of premium selections. These new additions featured various cuts of meat and seafood canapés, expanding the range to cater to refined tastes alongside the existing sweet and savoury offerings. This enhancement aimed to provide a richer, more diverse culinary experience that could appeal to a broader audience.

Calculating the costs involved meticulous planning, covering not just the canapés but also the soft drinks, beer, and the rental of specific cups and glassware tailored to each beverage. Lydia and Auctavia played pivotal roles, working swiftly to assemble a detailed and accurate quote. Once they crafted the initial estimate, it was meticulously reviewed with Deepak and Axel to ensure all elements were correctly priced and that the proposal met Pearl Lemon Catering’s high standards.

After thorough scrutiny and approval from the senior members, the quote was promptly sent to the Centiva team for acceptance. This efficient and collaborative approach underscored Pearl Lemon Catering’s commitment to excellence and client satisfaction, ensuring that every aspect of the event was tailored to create a memorable and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

Leading Up to the Event

The collaboration and coordination among the Pearl Lemon Catering team were key to the seamless planning and execution of the Centiva event. Throughout the preparation process, Lydia was crucial in ensuring clear and effective communication with the Centiva team.

Lydia’s responsibilities encompassed several vital aspects of the event planning, including menu selections, contract exchanges, and providing necessary food safety documentation to assure the Centiva team of our high standards and compliance. Her diligent communication ensured that all paperwork and preparations were accurately aligned with the client’s expectations and legal requirements.

The event preparation involved multiple stages of communication, including initial sales calls, regular follow-up emails, and a final confirmation call. These interactions were essential to finalize the menu choices and other specifics of the event. Lydia’s proactive approach helped to refine the details and reassure both teams of the readiness and suitability of the arrangements.

Here are the final choices for the event, as confirmed with the Centiva team:

  • Glasses: Specific glassware was chosen for each type of beverage to enhance the drinking experience. This included elegant soft drink flutes and robust beer mugs, among others.
  • Canapés: The final selection included a diverse mix of options, from traditional meat and vegetarian canapés to premium seafood and exotic cuts of meat. Each choice was designed to cater to the varied tastes and preferences of the guests.
  • Beer: A curated selection of beers, ranging from light ales to richer stouts, was chosen to complement the flavors of the canapés, ensuring there was something to suit everyone’s palate.
  • Soft Drinks: Various soft drinks were provided, each chosen to match the specific cups and glasses, enhancing the visual appeal and overall thematic consistency of the event.

This meticulous planning and coordination underscored the team’s dedication to delivering a high-quality, memorable event for Centiva, solidifying Pearl Lemon Catering’s reputation for excellence in corporate event catering.

Catering Case Study- Centiva Beer and Canape Service

Setting Up At the Venue

Now initially the team had quoted Centiva with only one staff to come, but the Pearl Lemon Catering team felt that bringing two staff members would help provide much better service.

As the team arrived, we quickly headed to where the station was set up to unload beer and canapes onto trays for serving.

Hurdles and Obstacles

The primary hurdle we faced in the lead-up to the event was the unexpected difficulty in renewing our insurance. Our account manager at the insurance company had left, requiring Lydia an additional 2 weeks to finalize the renewal. This situation can create significant bottlenecks for a catering company, as major clients often require proof of insurance to proceed with the event. However, we managed to obtain the renewed insurance and were able to present concrete evidence to the client a day before the event, appeasing their concerns. Lydia worked tirelessly, making over 4 calls daily for over a week to secure the necessary document.

Another large issue was that the team had to call Deepak to bring wine flutes upon arrival, as the wrong glass type was confirmed for the event. The wine was never confirmed but requested upon arrival, which meant he also had to go on a quick wine run for the event.

One small hiccup was that the provided address was not 100% correct. The initial street number confirmed was 70, while on the way to the event, the team mentioned the actual street number was 35. So it was close, but still one small hurdle to overcome.

One last issue was that traffic was a bit abnormal on the evening of the event. The team planned on arriving at least 30 minutes early, but due to excessive traffic, they arrived close to when the event was planned to start.

The Outcome

The Centiva event gave the Pearl Lemon Catering team valuable learning experiences and insights into the importance of meticulous client communication and confirmation processes. Despite the diligent preparations and multiple interactions with the client, including a sales call and two follow-up emails, critical details concerning the need for wine flutes and the provision of wine and nuts were inadvertently overlooked.

This oversight highlighted the necessity of implementing even more robust verification steps in our event planning process, such as triple-checking client requirements to ensure that all aspects of the service are comprehensively covered. It also underscored the importance of clear and detailed communication throughout the planning stages to prevent any misunderstandings or omissions that could impact the event’s execution.

Fortunately, the team could adapt quickly and manage the situation effectively, ensuring the event was still successful. This adaptability not only salvaged the occasion but also demonstrated our commitment to high standards of service and client satisfaction.

We are thankful for the opportunity to work on this event with Centiva and look forward to future collaborations. The experience has been instrumental in refining our processes and has strengthened our resolve to enhance our service delivery, ensuring that we continue to provide exceptional catering experiences at all future events.

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