Flames, Food, and Fun at Workplace UK: A BBQ Catering Case Study


In August 2023, Maria from Workplace UK reached out to our catering sales department with a request for assistance at a corporate BBQ event. The event was designed to be informal, focusing on creating a relaxed atmosphere for the attendees.

Our role was to provide proficient BBQ staff to facilitate the smooth running of this outdoor event. The choice of an outdoor setting was strategically made to capitalise on the anticipated sunny weather, ensuring a pleasant and enjoyable experience for all participants. This opportunity allowed our team to showcase their expertise in managing and executing catering needs in a less formal yet efficient manner.

The Scope of Work

The scope of work for our catering team was detailed and precisely defined to ensure smooth execution:

Grill and Serve: Two of our skilled staff members were assigned to the grill. Their responsibility was to deliver perfectly seared dishes, ensuring each item met our high standards of taste and quality. They were to manage the grill with expertise, providing succulent and delicious offerings that were sure to satisfy the guests.

Prep Food: The culinary preparation involved was intricate and focused not only on the actual cooking but also on the art of flavour layering and visual presentation. Our team was tasked with preparing a variety of dishes that not only tasted excellent but also looked appealing, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Help Clean Up: Our commitment extended beyond the preparation and serving of food. After the event, our team was dedicated to cleaning up the venue, ensuring it was left in impeccable condition. This involved systematically clearing away all used items, cleaning the cooking and eating areas, and disposing of waste responsibly.

This engagement was far more than a mere job; it was an opportunity to create a memorable culinary event. Being an outdoor function, our responsibilities included grilling and ensuring that each of the 50 guests received attentive service and enjoyed the array of flavours we offered under the open sky.

Leading Up to the Event

This particular event, unlike others that necessitate extensive menu planning and preparation, required a more streamlined approach. Ordinarily, Lydia and Axel would devote several days to meticulously crafting menus and calculating costs. However, for this BBQ event, the preparations were simpler and less time-consuming, focusing on a straightforward yet delicious offering.

As the event date approached, our communication with Maria from Workplace UK intensified. We used WhatsApp as our primary channel for coordination, ensuring that all details were clarified and agreed upon. This constant dialogue helped us stay aligned with the client’s expectations and quickly adjust any arrangements as needed. This efficient communication strategy was pivotal in keeping both our and Maria’s teams well-informed and in sync, facilitating a smooth and successful event execution.

Setting Up at the Venue

Given that our primary role in this event was managing the culinary operations, we focused intensely on food preparation. Our team embarked on an extensive veggie prep mission, ensuring a diverse offering that included refreshing cold dishes and vibrant grilled options. Donned in aprons and fueled by enthusiasm, our team arrived slightly earlier than scheduled. This allowed us to familiarise ourselves with the host’s specific preferences and ensure everything was set for a flawless service.

At the venue, two dedicated BBQ setups were ready for us, one designated for beef and the other for chicken, enabling us to handle different dietary preferences efficiently. Our food preparations were meticulously planned to cater to the event’s specific needs, featuring an enticing menu of delectable beef burgers and succulent chicken patties. Alongside these protein options, we offered a colourful assortment of grilled vegetables, adding visual appeal and various flavours to the spread. This careful preparation ensured a smooth culinary operation and enabled us to deliver a memorable dining experience to all attendees.

Catering Case Study BBQ Serving Staff

Hurdles and Obstacles

Every event, including this BBQ soirée, comes with its set of challenges, and overcoming these was crucial to maintaining the quality of our service. One significant issue we faced was the late arrival of the event menu, which somewhat hindered our ability to plan precisely. Our grill masters, while adept at keeping the burgers and other dishes sizzling to perfection, would have benefited greatly from having more detailed information about the ingredients provided earlier. This delay was unusual for us, given our typical practice involves in-depth menu planning and ingredient procurement.

Additionally, we encountered technical difficulties with the gas grill, which was slow to reach the necessary cooking temperature. This hiccup caused a few delays in the food service, affecting our ability to serve dishes as promptly as we intended. Despite these challenges, our experienced team demonstrated their resilience and resourcefulness. They adapted to the situation, ensuring the overall culinary experience was delightful. Our ability to handle these unforeseen obstacles professionally ensured that the event was enjoyable, though not entirely devoid of minor setbacks.

The Outcome

Despite encountering several challenges along the way, our team demonstrated exceptional culinary prowess and adaptability, emerging triumphant from the event. Even with issues such as the grill’s slow heating and other logistical speed bumps, we successfully delivered a gastronomic extravaganza that thoroughly impressed the guests.

The evident smiles and satisfied appetites of those in attendance spoke volumes about the success of our efforts. This positive feedback was a clear affirmation of our team’s commitment to excellence, underscoring our ability to transform any event into a memorable culinary experience. The praises we received reaffirmed our dedication to not only meet but exceed expectations, ensuring that each event we cater is a delightful and unforgettable affair.

Catering Case Study BBQ Serving Staff

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