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Pearl Lemon Catering introduces a sparkling addition with exclusive Bubble Tea Catering London services in the eclectic tapestry of London’s event scene.Known for its innovation and dedication to culinary excellence, Pearl Lemon Catering ventures into the world of bubble tea, offering an inventive twist that guarantees to dazzle and delight your guests.

What is itThe Uniqueness of Bubble Tea Catering for Your London Celebration?

Bubble tea, with its delightful fusion of aromatic teas, creamy textures, and playful tapioca pearls, captures the essence of celebration. Opting for Pearl Lemon Catering’s bubble tea service brings a refreshing and interactive element to your event, making every sip a memorable experience. Perfect for any occasion, from corporate gatherings to intimate celebrations, our bubble tea offering reflects the vibrant diversity of London itself. Whether its a company picnic or special occasion like a birthday party; milk tea is perfect to add to the mix.

Tailor-Made Bubble Tea Catering London Selections for Every Palette

Understanding the diverse tastes of London’s populace, Pearl Lemon Catering takes pride in offering a customisable bubble tea menu. From classic milk tea’s timeless appeal to fruity infusions’ adventurous zest, our selection is crafted to please every guest. With options for alternative milk and sweeteners, our menu is inclusive, ensuring everyone can indulge in the joy of bubble tea. Traditional bubble tea or milk tea is an absolute must for your special event.

Taiwan milk tea with bubble on wood background,Bubble Tea Catering London

An All-Inclusive Bubble Tea Experience

Pearl Lemon Catering is committed to providing more than just exceptional bubble tea we are here for all of your bubble tea catering needs.

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Our comprehensive service package includes:

Elegant Setup: Our bubble tea stations are designed to serve delicious beverages and enhance your event’s aesthetic.

Professional Mixologists: Our team of bubble tea specialists carefully prepares each drink, offering a personalised touch to your guests’ experience.

Wide Range of Customizations: Attendees can tailor their drinks with various tea bases, flavours, and toppings.

Interactive Entertainment: The bubble tea station becomes a focal point of interaction, adding an entertaining twist to your event.

Commitment to Quality: The Pearl Lemon Catering Difference

Our bubble tea service’s core is a staunch commitment to quality. Pearl Lemon Catering sources only the finest ingredients, ensuring that every bubble tea we serve is refreshing and adheres to our high-quality standards. Our boba pearls, known for their perfect chewiness, are a testament to our dedication to excellence.

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Matcha bubble tea

Versatile Bubble Tea Catering for Every Event Type

Pearl Lemon Catering’s bubble tea service is versatile enough to light up any London event. Whether you’re looking to introduce a novel element to your wedding, a refreshing twist on corporate events, or a delightful surprise at private parties, our bubble tea catering is the perfect choice.

Why Choose Pearl Lemon Catering for Your Bubble Tea Needs?

Selecting Pearl Lemon Catering means opting for a service passionate about creating extraordinary experiences. Our meticulous attention to detail, personalised service approach, and unwavering commitment to satisfaction set us apart. With Pearl Lemon Catering, you’re not just hiring a caterer but choosing a partner dedicated to making your event uniquely memorable.

Bubble Tea Catering London
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Transforming London's Event Landscape with Innovative Bubble Tea Catering

Bubble tea catering by Pearl Lemon Catering is more than a service—it’s an experience. By incorporating this trendy beverage into your next event, you’re embracing a unique element that will enchant your guests and provide a talking point long after the event concludes.

Booking Your Bubble Tea Experience with Pearl Lemon Catering

Are you interested in making bubble tea a highlight of your next event? Contact Pearl Lemon Catering to discuss how we can tailor our fruit tea and bubble tea catering services to your needs. Our enthusiastic team is ready to collaborate to ensure your event is as unique and memorable as the beverage we serve.


With Pearl Lemon Catering’s bubble tea catering service, you’re not just planning an event; you’re crafting an experience as vibrant and distinctive as London itself. Let us help you add a layer of excitement and sophistication to your gatherings with our bespoke bubble tea offerings, ensuring your event is a standout success.

Can Pearl Lemon Catering accommodate dietary preferences in its bubble tea menu?

Yes, Pearl Lemon Catering prides itself on inclusivity and flexibility. We offer a variety of options, including non-dairy milks and sugar alternatives, to accommodate different dietary preferences and restrictions. We understand the importance of catering to everyone’s needs, ensuring all guests can enjoy our delicious bubble tea offerings. Our team is always ready to work with you to customise the menu, ensuring it fits your event’s requirements perfectly.

To ensure the best possible experience, we recommend booking Pearl Lemon Catering’s bubble tea services at least one month in advance. This timeframe allows us to tailor our services to your specific event needs and ensure every detail is perfect. Early booking also provides ample time for customisation and planning, making your event memorable.

Pearl Lemon Catering’s services are designed to be flexible and scalable, accommodating events of various sizes, from intimate gatherings to large celebrations. There is no minimum guest count; we aim to provide exceptional service regardless of the event size. Feel free to contact us to discuss the specifics of your event, and we will craft a proposal that best suits your needs.

Absolutely! Pearl Lemon Catering offers customisable setup options that integrate seamlessly with your event’s aesthetic. Whether you’re aiming for elegance, notion, or a specific thematic concept, our team is dedicated to creating a bubble tea station that complements and enhances your event’s overall ambience. Let us know your vision, and we’ll make it a reality.

While Pearl Lemon Catering primarily operates within London, we are open to bringing our exceptional bubble tea catering services to events in surrounding areas. We aim to make your events as special and memorable as possible, wherever they may be. Please contact us to discuss potential arrangements; we are more than willing to explore ways to accommodate your location and needs.

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